🔥 September Jeep Deals (CDJR) - FINAL CALL 2023 Grand Cherokee 4xe 30th Anniversary Sale!

The 4xe currently does not come with a 3rd row, you’d have to get the gas “L” version

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Are these 30th anniversary sold out? Submitted a request but never heard back.

Other than 1750 plus loyalty nothing else

Do you have any GC 4xe still available? Open to a few trim options depending on availability

I believe we still have some, have you not received a response yet still?


Only 30th Anniversary are left I believe for trims, should be almost sold out but I believe we have a couple left still


Nothing yet.

DM us your email and name please so we can try to find the request!


What color GC 30th edition do you have avail in stock now?

Anything going on Rams?

Yes these deals are still available (Bring a Friend offer expired)

Thank you. I have loyalty and affiliate, but what is the 1k coupon?

Its a coupon that pops up on Ram.com when you build your truck, sometimes hard to find but using incognito mode and building random trucks and scrolling to the bottom of the page usually gets it to pop up and will show “Save $1,000 on Ram purchase” or something along those lines and will need to enter your name, zip and email to get it then you can use it on your lease/purchase.


Got any wranglers in stock? Looking to pull the trigger on something soon.

Yes! Submit a request and Nathan can assist you with in stock options!


Thanks. Will do some fishing.

Is this deal still available? I submitted a request yesterday but still haven’t heard back.

We’ll make sure everyone is responded to!

Looking for a GC 4xe summit reserve on a lease.

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Hang tight for October deals next week, we are :crossed_fingers: that Stellantis will have lockable programs available for 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe and we can run a solid order sale for next month. Looking at Rams too, programs haven’t really quite been there yet on them - Stellantis needs to step it up next month!