Semi-Luxury Small-to-Mid SUV Lease Ideas

Hello All,

Before the global pandemic I was in the market for a 2020 Volvo XC60 T5i AWD. With the global pandemic I stopped needing a car and decided to turn in my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland at lease maturity because the dealer would buy it without disposition. We’ve been down to one car in the house and it hasn’t been a problem (yet). As things start to reopen more I’m going to need to get another car.

I’m wondering however if this forum could provide some recommendations on alternatives. Obviously I’m looking for a low monthly payment but like a semi-luxury SUV like the T5 inscription. I don’t drive much so I’d like 7.5k miles for 36 months. With leasing I’ve always been surprised about how much more car I could get compared to others simply on the RV. So while I may think “I’ll save some money and go with the Subaru Forester Touring” that may be more expensive than the XC60 T5i for example. (note I do not know if that statement is accurate just an example).

Edit: Ideally I’d be under $400/month with $0DAS which may be a tough proposition.

I’d love to hear some suggestions of cars to research while I’ve got some time.


The Marketplace and Shared Deals subsections are great places to start looking.


Or start in the trophy garage if you are more visual, but it comes down to personal preference.

And if you waited this long to replace the second car, I’d be very deliberate in the search process and test drive my shortlist more than once. Rent over several days if possible. If I over shopped the deal and hated the car I’d be very disappointed.


Thanks! Apologize for the naivety, but how does one “rent” a car like what I’m looking for. I’d love to have some extended test drives, garage tests, etc. but never knew that was an option.

I loved the XC60 and been interested in quite some time. However I realize that I drove 24k miles in the last 44 months so maybe I don’t need to pay so much for a car… I can afford the XC60 but I just because I can afford it doesn’t mean it’s the right decision.

If I could save $100-$150/month by finding an alternative to the XC60 that may work for me. My style is mixed. Favorite looking SUV is the RR Sport HSE but would never pay that much for a car. I loved my last two JGC Overlands but unnecessary off reading, towing, etc inflates the cost. I love the XC line-up 40-90. BMW X3. But really open to a lot of suggestions for some fun research.

I was thinking of checking out the RAV4, Forester (leased my Mom one a few years ago) and other cars in that sort of class. I have two small kids (one is about to move from car seat to booster) and no towing necessary. There’s probably a handful of cars out there that lease well that I should check out.

Turo is a good option

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Just checked out Turo - I had no idea it existed.
Looks like a very promising option for an extended evaluation. Thanks for the recommendation.

Rental car companies also. You can try the nearest airport, in normal times they usually the widest selection.

Where are you located? If you’re in the greater NYC area @aronchi could get you into a XC60 T5 at $358. Even less if you qualify for discounts. Going off may numbers because june isn’t up yet. 🇸🇪 Aronchi's NO FEE Volvo (5/17) - V60/V90, S60, S90, XC40, XC60, XC90 LOANER BLOWOUT $469+t&f! - TRISTATE AREA!

While the community appreciates your input and broker recommendation; I did find it a little strange you created an account just to push a broker’s deals.

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That is honestly not my intention. I lurked for several days before creating an account as a realized how valuable the information here would be to me. It was simply a friendly recommendation as I have personally been eyeing the XC40 on that spreadsheet for about a week. If the recommendation violates guidelines or you believe it should not be posted here please feel free to remove my post.

You misunderstand, it doesn’t violate anything. The recommendation was appropriate, just an observation I made.

Back on topic; OP as others have stated, take a look in the many subforums we have and the deals offered by brokers here.

Not every car from every brand is offered in 7,500 miles a year programs so you may need to accept 10k miles.


Since you have time + open to feedback + time to do some research, based on what type of SUV you are looking for and low mileage needed on your lease…I would strongly consider the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Pros- unique and not part of the “masses” that you see on the road everyday; amazing lease prices (search on this forum). Cons- unique and not part of the “masses” that you see on the road everyday (haha!); limited dealerships; questionable long-term quality. With that- one of my favorite cars I once owned was a SAAB, as it fit into this sort of category…which may/may not be your thing. From what I have read “here”- people are really happy with their leases due to low cost + a hot looking/unique SUV. Good luck.

Just to give you an example of what I’m talking about, in terms of price- and yes, there are a ton of posts here on this website: $261/mo - Alfa romeo Giulia, 45k MSRP, $298 DAS, $298/mo, 27 mo, 10k

While there are a lot of examples of Giulia and stelvio leases on the forums, most are 6 months + old deals and would not be reproduceable. I think December was a blow out for the 2019’s and the incentives may not be the same. Just something to look out for.

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“Decided to turn in my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland at lease maturity because the dealer would buy it without disposition.”

I want to remind FCA leasees that the dealer pays about $400 less than we do when they buy out a lease whether it is during the lease period or at the end.

I think it is B.S., but thems the rules.


Are considering a Mazda CX-5? Grand Touring Reserve comes fully loaded with the turbo. Surprisingly luxurious and fun to drive. Should be easy to come in under $400.

@StingerTT that’s a fair callout and good mention here! I’m not in the market right now for a new lease, so haven’t stayed on top of those details- and yes, with covid-19, more reason I haven’t checked! That said- if they can be had for those prices (we have seen here), OMG get one for those who are in the market for a new car! My best-

There aren’t many lease-friendly luxury SUVs out there, XC60/X3 maybe GLC. Also as suggested you can test water on the Stelvio. A lower spec’d RX350 could be somewhere around $400 as well.

Also ever considered V60CC? The June lease support is still strong and there are some ridiculous deals out there, you get much more car vs a XC60 for the same money IMO, plus you get to stay on the moral high ground of the car world for driving a wagon

I hadn’t considered the v60. I know this isn’t a popular opinion but I really enjoy the ride height of a SUV and the feeling that I’m sitting on top rather than in it - if that makes sense. Otherwise I would’ve gone with the s60 when they were sub $300.

CX-5 is on the list to check out. Will check some shared deals / trophy garage to get an idea on cost.