Selling the car advice

Hello Lease hacker community , to make long story short …
I have a 2019 Hyundai Senta fe limitied , I got it in the beginning of 2019 , It’s a 3 year 10k lease , and i wasn’t a part of this forum yet so i got a pretty terrible deal at the time . Got it at MSRP ( because they just came out) , and paying 520 a months for it .
For me monthly cost is a bit more important now days then upfront costs, and getting 10K was a big mistake at at the time too first year i drove way more running over miles. All thought now days 10K will be fine.
So i checked how much it costs to sell it vs how much is a buy out .
So carvana gives me $24000 ish The buy out is about $28000 right now , total loss is about $4000.
I’m pretty confident i can find a car that i want with in 250-350 range and $2000 up front , That makes total loss of $6000 if to change cars , calculating the monthly difference if to pay in worst case or $350 over 17 months, that is $3800. So total adjusted loss will be about $2200.

I got the car for my wife and at first she loved it , plus i got it for all the safety features since she was a newer driver , but now she has experience and likes sedans more and even with two kids i never ever fully loaded the car , my sedan is big enough apparently for my family …

As far as new lease this forum really helped me get a second car for lease for $250 and almost no upfront costs so i’m confident i will find a good deal for a different car we like , but i"m debating if this is a good idea, Unfortunately Hyundai doesn’t let lease transfers so that is out of question…

Is there is any better places where i can try to sell a car or any better options ?
Is it worth it after all?

Try shift or vroom if they’re in your area. Unfortunately you’re still riding out the massive depreciation hit in the first couple of years. Also, there’s no guarantee you’ll find what you want/like in the price range you’re looking for now. Limited inventory/supply, strong demand. If I were you, I’d ride it out a few more months and evaluate again. GLWT!

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