Selling lease to car buying sites and conquest/loyalty

This might be a dumb question, but does selling a lease (to shift, carvana, vroom, etc.) right before signing a new one still satisfy the conquest/loyalty requirements?

Most have a 10-30 day grace period. Also, your lease will not be officially paid off until a few days after it is sold to Carvana, etc…

Thanks for the quick reply!

Best to check with the dealer to make sure everyone is on the same page

I thought you main loyalty for several months? Your previous registration would help establish the dates when you last had car

These vary by lessor. Who are you talking about?

Don’t know yet, but I will make sure to ask whoever I decide to go with. Likely flipping my current lease regardless.

I was mainly just curious since I’ve never done a conquest/loyalty before and my quick google searches didn’t come up with much.

Chevy has 30 days grace period.

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