Selling lease back to Honda Dealership, avoid sales tax?

Hi everyone,

I’m nearing my lease end on my 2018 CR-V (December 2021).

Went in for an oil change today and the Honda dealer offered me a good price well above buyout. I was planning on buying the vehicle at lease end myself and then selling to Carmax/Carvana due to these insane used car values.

Does anyone know if you have to pay sales tax if a Honda dealer purchases your leased vehicle? Obviously I have to pay sales tax if I buy the vehicle out myself in order to resell, but unsure if a Honda dealers buys it out from Honda Financial.

If I still have to pay sales tax, then the Carmax/Carvana route will net me more cash due to their higher offer.

You don’t have to pay sales tax if anyone buys it. You only pay sales tax if you buy it, which is required for you to sell it to a 3rd party.

A dealer buying the car from the bank or finance company doesn’t require you to pay sales tax.

You’d have to think the cost of a replacement vehicle to make sure the deal is worth it.

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Curious if Carmax/ Carvanna can even buy your car with the new policy change. From what I am reading Honda Finance is only allowing Honda dealers to buyout leases.

OP stated he would buy at lease termination then sell