Selling car to online company - waiting for title

If I buyout my lease with the intention of selling to an online company (carvana, vroom, carmax, etc). Can you start the process before you get/sign the title or will they not move forward with out picture of title?

You only have certain days to send it the title.

Some states/companies require the actual title sent over before they’ll pick up the car & pay you.

Right, so for example, Carvana gives you 10 days before the offer expires. but if i accept the offer on day 10 and then they want the proof of title which is still in the mail, can I prolong the transaction or is it dead because i dont have possession of title?

Even after accepting the offer, once the process starts, they have deadlines for submitting the title, odometer statement etc.

I’m in this exact situation (waiting for title). I’ve been getting quotes, but can’t move forward until I get the title. But the value of my car has gone up the last 2 weeks so can’t complain too much.

i get it. i wonder how long i have to submit the docs? Can you drag your feet?

Not sure how much you can drag it…

If i remember correctly, i had 2 business days to submit my docs.

ok. thank you.