Selling a car out of state

Hi fellas, I just sold my 2018 Jeep Wrangler which is leased through Chrysler financial. The buyer is from out of state. I’ve never paid off a leased car, does the title come free and clear?

Also I would not be responsible to pay sales tax correct if vehicle is sold out of state?

There’s a contradiction here. You’ve “sold” it, but you haven’t paid it off and don’t have a title? How did you sell it without a title?

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Good question. Maybe, agreed in principle to sell it.

Since when do need a title in hand to sell a car? Someone can agree to buy it and wait for it to be paid off and title delivered.

It depends, are they waiting for you to pay it off and then sell it to them or are they handing you a check which you use to pay off the vehicle and then they have to wait for title? If the first, no big deal. If the 2nd, I would want to ensure the vehicle is “mine” when I hand the money over - which can be a challenge, especially if the buyer is remote to the seller.

I just had this happen to me as the seller. Buyer supplied certified funds to me to satisfy the loan at my credit union. Prior to going there to transact, the credit union said I could take the lien release to the dmv and they would handle title transfer. So buyer paid, lien release granted, we head to local DMV office and they say they cant issue new title without the old. So choice was to wait 2 weeks for title to come through mail or drive to central DMV location in the state capital in order for them to issue an instant title. Needless to say, the 2nd step is what we did.