Selling 48 month lease at 24 months


Can I get a 48 month lease (for lowest monthly payments) and sell it at 36 months?

Would there be any penalties? Or, are there any reasons this is not a good idea?


Yes you can BUT it’s not that simple. Typically the most aggressive lease programs (lowest payments) are 30, 36 or 39 months depending on the company and the lease payoff is not advantageous. It’s very seldom you actually have any positive equity.

There are sites like LeaseSwap where people lease a car for a short period of time and then offer to have someone assume the lease.

Simple put, what you want to do is not going to work.

You can sell it whenever you want, but you’ll most likely be upside down.

Thanks, that helped fill in a gap of what I had understood about leasing. I understand it now. Much appreciated.