Sell the 435i and Lease M340i?

Hello All,

I bought a 2015 CPO bmw 435i Grand Coupe for $35,600 tax and interest included with 29,000 miles used it for a year and half.
It has 48,000 miles now.
Fully fully loaded.

The dealer offered me $23,700 which I think it’s good price as they offered me 20,000 - 21,000 before.

So as of today, I lost $10,600 and if I keep it for two more years I think it will sell for $15,000 and in this case I will be losing another $10,000 so $20,000 total in the next two years that’s not including the maintenance cost or any issues If it will happen down the road.

Since I will be losing $20,000 if I sell it in the next two years I thought it’s better to accept the offer and lease the 2020 M340 for around $2,500 down and $550 a month with loyalty. This will cost me around 21,000 total for the next 3 years and without worrying about the maintenance or any future issues.

I love my car but I think the offer is good also.
Am I thinking right?

Please advice.


The dealer offered you $23,700 now but what is your current loan payoff?

If you’re having to roll any negative equity into the new lease then that is generally not a good idea.

Payoff amount is $17,700

Have you seen any of that recently? Short supply, and any that appear on LH go almost immediately…

Yes this is a decent plan. But if you think the 4 series is reliable and won’t cause too Many issues you are still better driving it.
BMW reliability is hit or miss. Sometimes they are bullet proof and sometimes they implode. But if no major issues thus far, keep driving it!

It is a larger car then the 2 series.

This is the deal for July that I see here in LH.

That’s the think, I don’t know how reliable it will be after the 50k miles but I’m sure that I will need to do some other maintenance Down the road like leaks or changing plastic pipes and etc… as per the forums and

I’m not sure why you are comparing it with 2 series.

Thanks for the input!

Depreciation should start leveling out to some extent

It shouldn’t depreciate the same in the next two years as it did in the last two.

I assume it has warranty until sometime next year or the end of this year? (2014 + 6 or 2015 +6, depending on when it was sold originally). Just make sure you ditch it before the warranty expires.

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Did they offer you a 340i for $2500 drive off with $550 per month or are you just guessing? You will need 12k miles per year with your driving habit.

When will the warranty expire on your 435i? It might be better to keep it another year depending on the warranty and incoming service expenses.

Yes this is the deal for the 340 but with loyalty and MSD. 10k a year

CPO will be expired on October 2020

Yes, it will be expired on October this year.

You could always try to gain a couple grand by private party selling it, whenever it sells then you jump on the 340

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I would keep the 435i for at least another 18 months, maintenance isn’t that bad realistically and the n55 is relatively reliable.

At $575 a month on the 340i you will be flirting with $7k a year not including what you will loose on the down.

Just sell the 435i private party and find a 340i fart car


Honestly the Fxx chassis cars have been pretty reliable thus far, especially if it’s a later model year, post LCI.

If you’re pining for the latest go for it but you’ll likely go through at least one set of tires on a lease just as you would on your current car. If you do pads and rotors yourself you may be ok keeping the 4 series for a while longer.

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Correct. But most of them they will have leaks and pipes need to be replaced. Not sure if it starts after 50k or 60k

I’ve been on Bimmerpost for years when I had my F30 and F23 and not sure what you’re referring to. The N55 is pretty stout and I’ve had friends who have put up to 80k without any reported issues. My only issue in 45K was a defective PDC sensor.

I’ve heard of cracked valve covers that can start to leak closer to 100k due to heat, but in BMW terms that’s a pretty “cheap” repair compared to some of the nightmare situations like the endless N54 HPFP issues, S65 rod bearings, Vanos repairs, etc.

You also just quoted a lease price for 10K a year, you clearly are driving more than 12K a year based on your first post. If you re-run those numbers @15K you again just need to decide if this is financially a better move, or you just want the newer car. I’ve heard a lot more complaints coming out of the G20 forums regarding creaks, leaks, rattles and other issues than I did on the F30 boards.

I also am not sure what BMW allows, but some manufacturers will allow you to add an additional warranty as long as you do it before the factory warranty expires. That may be an option that would cover you for any bigger ticket risks regarding the engine.

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Is your car tuned? I’m assuming your talking about the charge pipe, which is an easy+cheap 20 min replacement.