Sell RDX lease back to Acura Dealership in CA?

Hi everyone,

I’m nearing my lease end on my 2019 RDX (December 2021). At first I was planning to sell to Carmax/Carvana due to the high used car values. But then I found out that Acura FS limits lease purchases only to the lessee or authorized Acura or Honda dealer. We then took it to an Acura Dealer and their offer is decent. However, they said we won’t get a check from them until they got the pink slip which will take 2-4 weeks. Is that normal? Who will be responsible for any loss during this waiting period? Any other options we may consider?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can shop that to other Acura dealers, or buy the car yourself and resell it in 10 days, which has been discussed here at length.

It’s not unusual, but they could do better on payment terms. Once they take possession and you sign, it’s their liability, but you can choose to keep your insurance until you get paid.

We ended up selling the car to Autonation. Not only was their offer the highest, we got our check immediately without waiting for 7-10 days like other Acura dealers.

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How much equity did you get out of the sale?