Seeking XT4 information. Discount, costco, supplier?

Maybe it is just me being a flake? I can’t seem to find reliable current info on Cadillacs in general. Nobody has posted about one here since Feb.

Car is question is an XT4 Luxury AWD. MSRP is about $43.5k. I know RV for 36/12 is 53%. There is $1k customer and $1500 conquest. MF is .0001. So all good things that could help get a deal. What I have not been able to figure out is if there is anything I’m missing.

  1. What the heck is a decent discount on a new XT4 Luxury AWD?
  2. I believe there is no costco this month. If I’m wrong, please let me know.
  3. Supplier is always tricky. I know with my Camaro, you could get some dealers to give their discount (rather than supplier discount) and then use supplier code for an additional $500 incentive. Anything like that with the XT4? And, if so, how much?

Unfortunately. The XT4 was included in the Jan-Mar Costco program

yep. saw that thread. still hoping for some hints as to possible discount and supplier info.

Lemme put it this way … if only $2500 total incentives, I’d be looking for 13.5% pre-incentive discount to get a deal we’d like. Is that even possible with an XT4? But if there is (like with the Camaro), a $500 supplier incentive, that puts me at more like 12.5%. Not sure how much better that is. haha.

Yeah this forum isn’t diversified enough sometimes, but chances are brands/models aren’t circulating this forum likely will not lease well.

But try your luck, you never know. The MF and RV seems to be a good foundation for a deal, a bit lacking incentives but you can always negotiate more discount. Send your proposal to 10+ dealerships and let us know the discount range you are getting!

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Like you said, not a lot of data. Are the 2020s leasable?

The oldest 2021 I see is 104 days. There are several 2020s on Car Gurus that show 600+ Days. If you want a NEW 2019, you are in luck there are several.

One I have my eye on is a 2021. It isn’t on cargurus, so I can’t pin down how long it has been there, but they do have pics with snow on the ground, so it has been a little while at least. :wink:


I would put together a deal and email them, see if they can do it.

Hopefully someone who knows more about GM supplier can answer that part.

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