Securing a deal before vacation

Let’s say I lock up a good deal tomorrow, right before the end of the month but the very next day I plan on going on vacation for a few weeks. Is there any way to lock up the deal and the car but still not sign any of the paperwork and not have the actual lease start until when I get back from vacation?

I want to just reserve the car and the deal maybe by giving a couple thousand in a refundable security deposit but not technically start my lease contract until after I come back from vacation in mid/late August. Is that a thing? Is that possible?

If you’re not ready to sign I doubt anyone will hold/honor whatever deal this month for next month. If you don’t want to sign and lock the deal in, wait until you get back.


That can happen on a special order car but not an in-stock one. Why don’t you special order a C43 from them?
That way it will be ready when you come back…

^ what he said. Plus, chances are good you’ll get a choice between the July lease terms and the terms available when the car arrives.

There’s nothing in it for a dealer to hold a car like that. Almost certainly the deposit binds them but not you. That’s the myth about deposits. They don’t do the dealer any good.