Second Car Ideas and Suggestions


So I’m interested in a second vehicle in the 300 dollar price range… I am currently driving a Volvo XC90. I was thinking about a pickup like the Tacoma and now I am having second thoughts. I need minimum 12k miles as I will be commuting and need to take my 2 year old with me most days so need room and safety for a car seat in back. I am open to all suggestions and appreciate any and all feedback. Brokers feel free to let me know anything you have that may suit me. Thanks in advance for help…

You might want to be specific on what you looking for. Is it a sedan or is it suv or is it a pick up?

What’s wrong with your XC90? Over mileage?

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If You are looking for cheap commuter check Elantra Value , good equipped car or pure electric Ioniq


I second this - there are lots of pre-negotiated lease deals on in the sub-$300/mo price range. Even some higher end cars assuming you are truly flexible on make/model/size class.

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These deals will vary by region, but other sub $300 options with $0 DAS include: Civic, Corolla, HR-V, Elantra (as noted above).

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Very few vehicles are safer than the XC90. In the $300 range, maybe entry level Highlander, Pilot, Santa Fe, Sorento, or CX-5 (or maybe CX-9). This is all based on around your 2 year old. It gets a lot easier and simpler when they turn like 7 or 8.

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Sorry I was so vague about what car… I am open to anything but I would lean towards an SUV. We need a second car in the household. The xc90 will be my wifes main car and the new car will be mine to run around in… Thanks!!

Mazda CX30 or CX5?

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In that case camaro lt1


Thats a great baby car lol

If it’s usually just you and the kid, you can push the passenger seat all the way up in the camaro.
Should make it easier to get the kid/seat in and out. Plus your kid is going to be able to jump in and out Himself if the seat is front facing.

Are you in NY or NJ? They have different tax breaks for PHEV, for example

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I live in NJ

The problem is Im all over the place lol… I ideally would love a pickup but I dont think it will fit my needs so SUV probably…

Nothing wrong love it… Just need a second car…

Why wouldn’t the :taco: work? Unless you have a dog or something, not sure why you need an SUV. If you need the bed area to be secure, get a hard tonneau cover.

Seconding this. I had a Crosstrek that I was using as my long-distance commuter car until I moved, and then picked up a Tacoma to have as a mix between daily, winter, and utility vehicle.

With a double cab, it will do pretty much everything an SUV would do for you and more, with the downsides being some of the body flex and gas mileage.

100% sure I’ll be getting another one when this lease is up. And from what I gather they’re starting to become great deals again.

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If you are commuting in NY, Camry Hybrid gets you in the HOV lane when you are by yourself. Big back seat, large trunk.


Can you wait until ChargeUp NJ restarts reportedly in the summer? Up to $5,000 state rebate depending on electric range for BEV and PHEV + no state sales tax + possible federal tax credit