Seattle Leases Above Average? $100-$150 month impossible for anything here?

Have a great friend who’s looking for the absolute cheapest Civic/Jetta/mazda3/Carrola, etc lease possible and has been offered $275mth/$2,500 down/12k per year deals. Coming from Philly, this seems CRAZY to me as I’ve been offered $100mth/$1000 down/12k leases on a base Jetta (manual) 2 years ago back there. Seattle can’t be this much (2x!) as expensive for the same car, can it? If so, anyone know a lease hack/savvy dealer that can find a great deal in Seattle area? He’s open to anything! I told him to pause, about leasehackr, and that I’d reach out to you guys/gals. If you have any recommendations or thoughts on the Seattle area, please share. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The Pacific Northwest has a pretty rough reputation here in terms of getting good deals.

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Seattleite here. I’m on my 2nd car lease and on both occasions I trucked up the car from California.

Enough said :slight_smile: Unicorn deals don’t happen around here.

Seattle is definitely one of the harder areas to find a killer lease deal. Relative lack of competition combined with people who will pay whatever the dealership wants make it much more difficult to hack a deal. Plus, depending the zip code, he may be dealing with a pretty high tax rate.

I’d suggest doing heavy legwork at the dealerships outside of the greater Seattle area (think more Everett, Puyallup, etc.), and consider widening the search region to include Oregon as well as California.

Also, I wouldn’t be so quick to compare your 2 year old lease offers to the current offers - the lease market has definitely changed.


Former Philly-suburbs, now Seattleite here - welcome to the jungle. Agree with everything @jamiemose said. You can get hacks but they require serious legwork and patience.

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Can anyone detail the requirements to get a lease out of state besides the tax/registration.

I am assuming you have to arrange your own car shipment and at the end of the lease get it shipped back down to the dealer?

Apologies in advance for the rookie questions.

You can return the car locally. Some dealers will help with shipping depending on their experience. There are whole threads here with recommendations if it comes to that.