Searching for cars by percent discount?

When I shop for a lease, I am looking for the discount off of MSRP to be as close as possible to the residual value.

Autotrader shows the advertised price alongside the MSRP. Are there any car classifieds websites that allow you to sort results by “discount off MSRP” or “percent off MSRP?” This would be really useful when looking for good lease deals!

i tried that- most of the pricing is including purchased cash rebates etc. -

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It’s pretty useless, though can be used to get very basic idea, IMO. Dealers’ advertised prices include all rebates. For some you may not qualify, some may be finance only, and prices will not include any lease only incentives.


It takes some legwork, also when shopping for a c300/e300, I was always excited when I stumbled across a MB dealer who actually posted the info packet with MSRP, instead of me having to ask for it.

Don’t try to compare traditional vehicles with hybrid or EV vehicles. The hybrid and EV vehicles will (almost always) have the federal credit ($2500 to $7500) baked into the discount.

So as others have suggested, your metric has some issues.