Sealed a Lease Deal last night....need some advice

Hi guys,

I’m new to this site. I just wanted to get an idea of where I stand on a deal I agreed to yesterday. I went with my dad to Bridgewater Nissan in New Jersey to return his 2015 Nissan Pathfinder SV and we had no charges for wear and tear. The only thing outstanding was overmileage fee of about $1,000.

Nissan agreed to pay that off as well as agree to let my dad lease a new 2018 Pathfinder SV for the same payment he was making previously:

2018 Nissan Pathfinder SV with 15K miles allowed per year for 36 months for $340 a month with all tax, title, fee included.

The only thing I put down was the first month’s payment. That’s it.

The only thing I’m concerned about is when I was trying to negotiate the MSRP they weren’t really budging only because we were qualifying for the loyalty, Nissan finance, as well as college grad incentives. The MSRP was set at 36,800 but they sales person kept calling it as a “37,000 dollar car”. They must have been desperate to meet their quota because they let us drive the car home without even filling out a single credit application or anything. I will be going there later tonight to finish all paperwork.

Please let me know if this comes out to be a decent deal or if I left any money on the table in this deal. Thank you.

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Wow, what trust they have!
Yes it sounds like they needed to get a car off the lot and by you driving it off the lot, it consummated the contract.
But without signing for the lease contract, it can get weird.

While at the finance office, make sure the numbers you put into the LH Calculator works out well before signing…

IF not, you can negotiate more off before signing…

$340 all in for 15k on a $37k vehicle AND they eat $1k in mileage? I’d call that a win. Look at it as if you rolled $1k and you are paying $310/mo for the new vehicle. 0.84% payment relative to MSRP.


Keep us updated on this, I’d like to see all of the final numbers to help me make a deal down here in DE . The Pathfinder SV is one of the options I’m looking at and I haven’t worked that hard on finding a deal yet since I was focused on the Pilot as my first choice, but the best offer I had was $388/mo for 36/12. If you get 15K for $340, that gives me hope of driving that number down quite a bit.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll definitely check out the LH Calculator and plug in the numbers and see how everything looks before signing off on the papers and stuff. Thanks once again!

Thanks. That definitely gave me some confidence that my deal is in fact a good one!

For sure I will keep ya’ll updated on this. This would be the second time I’m getting a Pathfinder SV for $340 a month and this time they’re even paying off my over mileage fee. Hopefully you can utilize this info to get an unbeatable price!

I’m a little surprised at how crappy the offers have been so far. A few of the dealerships here have quite a bit of 2018 stock, and the 2019’s are in this month, but they don’t seem very motivated to sell them.

Yeah, the dealership was trying to jerk us around at first but then after two attempts of walking out of the dealer, they caved in and agreed to the deal I had originally wanted. Although the car already had 68 miles on it when I drove it home so I suspect it may have been a loaner or something but it still looks new so its all good.

68 miles is hardly anything. Very unlikely to be a loaner.

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I think you’re right…I’m just being paranoid. lol. I will let you know what the final price is once everything is said and done. I’ll take a pic and send over the lease documents once I get everything.

Do you think they have another one they will just let me drive home at night with no paperwork? I might export the car to the Middle East…

It is likely they had all your info, so they did not need to get any info from you but I am sure they will be giving you the “Finance Manager” spiel. Besides if they did not make you sign a contract, it does not count as a sale …

They have my dad’s info from when he leased his first Pathfinder in 2015 because they actually pulled up the original lease deal in 2015 because they didn’t believe us when we said we had previously put no money down $340 a month for a Pathfinder SV. Also it was almost 11 PM by the time I left the dealership so they probably just wanted to take care of everything tomorrow. Also, salesperson said you have 48 hours to add the car on to your insurance and gave me temp plates to drive home. Interesting how suddenly all these rules are flexible when it comes to the dealer…but God forbid the customer tries to bend any rules, all Hell breaks loose! lol.

I just noticed that one of my local dealerships is showing $2625 NMAC lease cash on their website, up from$1700 last month. Now I just need to figure out where to get them on sale price. On the Truecar quotes I got, one dealer was $3300 discount before incentives, and another had a $2800 discount before incentives. I’ll wait to see where your sale price was.

Nice to be in this position, driving a brand new vehicle without signing any papers. I would make them sweat a bit, let calls go to voicemail. Then tell them you may come in tomorrow, or next week, sooner if they throw in all weather mats and oil changes. What are they gonna do, take the car back?

My dad wasn’t able to go in today to finish paperwork since he got called in to work. As soon as the deal gets finalized I’ll definitely post it here!

Hahaha I sincerely think they’ll call the cops on us and say it’s a stolen vehicle if we give them too hard of a time! :joy::joy:

Hi guys here’s the final paperwork! We finally went in to finish the paperwork after giving them hell for a few days hahaha I’m a little confused though it’s saying I put down 4K as a down payment but I swear I’ve only put down the first months payment ($340) as my initial down payment. Let me know if there’s anything fishy about the lease document. Thanks for all your help everyone!

“Dealer’s Math”, lol. I think rather than return your 2015 Pathfinder to the bank, they bought it out and used the equity toward Cap Cost reduction and fees. That also took care of the mileage overage.

The right side of box 4 that is cut off in your pic should give you the details of how that 4040 is paid for.