Scion lease incentives

I was told the $750 is gone. Any word on the current scion lease incentives. I know they still have $750 grad and $500 military. Thanks!

Military and grad are available. Not to be combined.

$750 Customer cash on tc
$500 Customer cash on frs
$1000 customer cash on iA and iM

You can’t combine the customer cash with the special lease money factors

What should someone expect the lease range to be on an frs right now on the type of lease we expect around here.

Here is what it looks like on an automatic

MSRP is $27,344.00
Sale Price 24,986.20 ($1000 under invoice)

.00050 Money Factor
16,953.00 Residual

$587 Drive off
$264.74 Per month Before Tax.

Im in Orange County so not sure how it will compare everywhere else

10k or 12k miles per year?

Toyota is minimum 12K