Scaring off dealers when metions LH deals

Exactly, just offer drive off and monthly, first two times I asked about mf, I got ghosted quickly. If you know how to work the target deal from the calculator that’s all you need and there are always broker deals as reference.

The majority of people who send me a calculator have many errors. Missing title/reg fees, incorrect sales tax, rebates in untaxed, made up or very old residuals or money factors.

But yea, KISS (keep it simple, stupid) assuming you can accurately use the calculator. Payment, due at signing, term/miles. If they ask how you got there, then just say you have done a lot of research and a line item for each input.

Selling Price


You’re making this so much more complicated and ambiguous than it needs to be.

This conversation should be:

Me: I am interested in stock number xxx. My offer is $375/mo with $2000 due at signing contingent on tier 1 credit on a 36/10. I qualify for x, y, and z incentives and am in zip code 12345, so 7.5% tax rate. If you can do those numbers, I can be there in 1 hour to take delivery.

If you really want to break everything down into every last detail, you can do that to, but it needs to be unambiguous, easy, and immediately actionable.


Thank you! Will try this.


“I took the MF and the RV from the plus and used them on your ultimate calculator…”

I essentially did what @9benua and @mllcb42 suggested. It was the fastest and smoothest transaction ever, even though it was during the peak of covid pricing craziness.

Talk to the manager (no sales commission if no salesman…), give him a VIN and a price, ready to take delivery before they are.


I want you to use your WHOLE brain on this one.

If there was no sales commission paid out, wouldn’t ownership want EVERY deal done by a desk manager?

I don’t know if it was a factor or not, but I bet they’d still want to have salespeople - how many times have we heard about someone “just looking” that ends up buying.

Just ignore that. LHers don’t have to worry about who owners employ to fleece the sheep who walk in.


This is true

For shits and giggles I gave the exact quote from another dealer (which I ended up getting from) in picture text

They came up with some other excuse about different color and theirs is more “rare” (it is a basic standard factory color).

If they want the deal they don’t need to match

What a salesmanager does is put it in the name of their favorite salesperson or someone who is one away from bonus.

This is called a house deal.


It’s always fun looking back at dealerships that I’ve gotten mini deals from and seeing the salespeople who were given them climb the organizational ladder.

uh huh. We call them the house mouse


It’s almost guaranteed every piece of “conversation” is just intended to waste your time, lower your resolve and deplete your energy until you effectively say “I give up” and sign whatever is in front of you.

Even when it’s remote these habits don’t change.

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Multiple times I have sent the deal sheet from another dealer and they come back and say, “Oh we can’t do that… call us when that deal falls through, they are trying to scam you…”