🇺🇸 Sawyer Lyons Buick GMC DEALER - No Broker Fee - UNDER INVOICE! Encore GX Terrain Acadia Yukon Sierra IN STOCK!

Hello all,

As requested by many - some Buick GMC deals straight from the dealer. We Sawyer Lyons Buick GMC, a new car dealer located in Randolph NJ with over 60 new cars on the ground and over 100 used. No broker fees, no hidden fees, no brokers glomming your lease equity, 100% transparency.

  • We can deliver to NJ NY Metro Area - PLEASE ASK!
  • See our google sheet for up to date numbers + inventory
  • If you see a car on our website and not on the sheet please ask us to verify availability.
  • Call or Text Leo & Tre for Instant Quote + Answer
  • $500 Deposit holds the car for 48 hours, delivery must be taken within that 48 hour window or car becomes available.
  • Please ask us about our inbound vehicles as well - we can do locates as well.
  • All Yukon and Sierra Denali, AT4, AT4X is sold at MSRP to leasehackr customers only unless otherwise noted. The calculator does not exactly line up on these cars for some reason - but on my system it’s MSRP. No mark up, no discount. As you all know, these are $5k over at minimum especially in this region. To a normal consumer we are over sticker - to LH community, we sell at MSRP.

Please call Leo or Tre to rehash numbers for different tax rates / loyalty / conquest etc. Best way to reach us is via our cell phones - if unreachable via cell phone please call our store line and ask for myself, Bret or Anthony, the two sales managers on staff.

Leo Sotelo - GM Certified Sales Consultant. Cell: (862) 273 - 1932 Email: LeoS@RandolphBuickGMC.com
Tre Jenkins - GM Certified Sales Consultant. Cell: (973) 903 - 2054 Email: TJenkins@RandolphBuickGMC.com

Sawyer Lyons Buick GMC - (973) 584 - 0606

Please follow us on instagram: @SawyerLyonsBuickGMC @SpeedAndSpecialty

Thanks for taking a look guys - hope to make a deal! :grin:

UPDATED NOV 17, 2022 -

  • ADDED 2022 ENCORE’S, WE HAVE 3 IN STOCK - $350 / mo taxes and fees down
  • Updated 2023 Yukons in stock @ MSRP - Sierra Denali as well.
  • Updated 2023 Envision FWD in stock 4% under invoice

Sawyer Lyons Buick GMC LEASEHACKR


Very smart idea to go on here and advertise. Wish you were a ford dealer… haha


What qualifies as conquest for the Enclave?

Any lease other than Buick GMC is considered conquest for all buick gmc products. Chevy / Cadillac does not qualify as loyalty

Sold our first car to a LH member - congrats to our customer on taking delivery of the 2022 Yukon SLT. 2022 Sierra Denali pending to LH member and added a few more sierra’s. Thanks for the inquiries all!


Never got a response back :man_shrugging:

I would hope you can get a MSRP deal on a 2022.

Will you be offering any current model year Yukon/Sierra (2023). ??

What is your position w/r/t supplier pricing ??

Sorry about that - did you reach out to Leo / Tre? Shoot me a text I’ll help ya out myself if you haven’t already texted me as well. I have been dumped on with lease buyout requests so working thru them shortly. Bret 973 234 7814

For some reason the calculator showed over msrp on the Yukon but on my system it was msrp.

None of our cars listed on LH are over MSRP, they’re either at or under.

We will honor supplier pricing on all inventory except Yukon’s and Sierra ultimate at this time :+1:t3:


I messaged you in regards to a sierra 1500, looking forward to a response!

-I have a current Volvo S60 t6 momentum with 19k miles (Mint)
-maturity date May 23 2023
-Residual Value at maturity date

-I also have a 2010 Toyota Tundra 200k miles (good condition) for trade in.

Hello all! 2022 Sierra Denali delivered to Mo from Brooklyn off Leasehackr :slight_smile:

I just updated the google sheet to reflect some additions:

  • Replaced the 2022 Yukon with 2023 Yukon SLE and SLT IN STOCK @ MSRP
  • Added 2022 Buick Encore while inventory lasts - this is the cheapest car we can lease, sold @ buy rate money factor and 2% behind INVOICE.
  • Added more Sierra’s - updated our Sierra Denali only one in stock and it’s cheaper than the last one at $70k instead of $74k.

Thanks all - happy motoring

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Nice deal on that 22 Sierra Denali. Keep them coming.

Do you know availability of Supercruise in the Yukon & Sierra?

I don’t know yet on the Yukon, but we just had our first order get allocated with supercruise last week on a Sierra Ultimate. That truck should be here in 8 weeks or less, so I imagine supercruise will be hitting the lots by early 2023 in abundance

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Have a lease ending in 4 months on a 2020 AT4 w/ 6.2 L loaded has 34k miles.

Looking for loaded 2023 Yukon AT4 with 6.2 L.

Have credit score 840 and cash in Ohio for a good deal. Let me know if can help.

Hi, sorry I’m off this week and just saw this. Yes, please text Leo or Tre in the main post and we can get you situated first thing friday AM