Savage Geese Frontier Review

Fantastic review (as always with these guys)


TLDR? Call me ADD but I don’t have the attention span to listen to anything longer than 60 seconds about a Frontier.


Love love this channel. Production level in high and simple unbias review.

Having my Frontier for a month now, I agree with their review. It’s a good truck for what it is and especially against their competition.

Everything else in this segment is old and dated, especially the Tacoma.

Ohh how the tables have changed…

Frontier used to be the oldest “crap” in this segment.

PS. - the review is for the highest trim… hardly a fair review as the base (the current unicorn) is so much different from pro 4x)

The pro-x however isn’t that bad of a lease comparatively.

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True but the context of frontier on this forum has been the base model mostly so the review is kinda bait & switch :joy:

TLDR: Frontier is better drive than Ranger and better value for the money. Interior is definitely dated, but functional and basic, what you intend to have for a truck. Plenty practical with solid engine and transmission.

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With the way the Frontier lease program is right now, it’s a no brainer that this is at the top of the list.

I think once the Taco is redesigned it’ll move back up to the top of the list in this segment.

Engine better not be a sluggish motorboat like the Taco I drive. Geese seemed to love the peppy engine.

I can attest the 6 cylinder, while alittle thirsty, is very smooth.

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