Santa Fe alternative that leases well?

We test drove the CX-5 and the engine just feels weak/sluggish and I really like the V6,was getting away from wifes old CVTs in Rogues and Murano she had. The CX-5 is a nicely equipped ride, Mazda did a great job with it but we went a bit more power vs the Mazda

The new CX5 turbo engine looks like a winner, but it looks very small, especially in the second row. I should probably go check it out though.

I’m in AZ, but I’m open to using a broker and going to pick up a vehicle in SoCal or elsewhere. It doesn’t seem like our market has many deals that are up to leasehackr standards. I know my current lease wasn’t…

I suppose I’m a sucker for refined interiors and good driving dynamics. I hear the 2.5T in the Signature/GT trims really move the CX-5 upmarket for the price.

The Jeep interior is actually very nice, comfortable, plenty of room.

The CX-5 in its top trims with the turbo engine is a very nice car. Interior is luxury quality with fit and finish undisputably superior to Jeep. That said, I thought it felt a bit smaller than other vehicles in it’s class. I’d take it over an X1 but then again Mazda wasn’t blowing out CX-5s last month.

As for the Grand Cherokee, I’m happy to take one off the national emerald executive aisle but I have no intention of lease a FCA products. Sure I would probably be fine, but their quality control issues aren’t just a media construct.

Dunno how much content you need or want, but a Tiguan S w/ drivers assistance package leases well at 39-mo term. It’s nice and torquey too. Definitely felt better than a Santa Fe 2.4, though obviously short of a Santa Fe 2.0T. I was looking at a Santa Fe, but ended up leasing the Tiguan for less than dealers were willing to do on a base Tucson SE.

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Well if I could have all my wishes I’d really like ventilated seats because of the heat here (actually cloth would be fine too but that limits you to feature-sparse models) and a 360 camera if possible. The vehicles I’ve seen with those features in current rough street price order:

Santa Fe Ultimate < Murano Platinum = CX5 Signature < Rav4 Ltd w weather & adv tech < Highlander Platinum < Telluride SX < QX50 w sensory pkg

The 2020 Outback Touring XT would be in there somewhere, but no pricing released for that yet. The CX5 seems like the best choice for features and engine, but I do fear it’s too small. But that will be my next test drive.

Being an all-new model, 2020 Outback probably won’t have any deals until well into calendar year 2020.

Hybrid XLE Rav4 comes with cloth seats and you can add a tech package to get parking sensors (no 360 camera though). With the high RV and max MSDs, it will lease better than most of your other options…

I would be surprised if OP could get any kind of decent discount on a new RAV4 that doesn’t come
From one of the brokers/dealers on here, though.

Is there risk associated with MSDs similar to putting money down? Or is it completely different?

There has been a lot of talk regarding this subject on here. Recommend you read leasing 101 on the website or use the search function. You’ll find a lot of useful information.

Using multiple security deposits is a useful way for lowering money factor with little risk. It’s a desired approach here to lowering monthly as opposed to using cap cost reduction because you tend to get all of it back in case of a total and you almost always get it back at normal lease turn in.

Great, thank you for your help.

I have VIP pricing available for Subaru, which I imagine will be the best I can do on it, but that still may be better than the Rav4 hybrid, which probably still won’t get great discounts even a few months from now.