Santa Fe alternative that leases well?

I’m four months from the end of my Pathfinder end of lease and looking for a smaller replacement. So far my favorite has been the Santa Fe, but I understand it doesn’t lease well. I’ve test driven:

Santa Fe - Perfect size, love the features except the engines but I can live with it.

Forester - I like it other than the gutless engine and ridiculous control layout (how many buttons can you jam onto a steering wheel?). Still a possibility.

RAV4 - A tad small feeling and the hybrid is the one that seems appealing, but there doesn’t seem to be much chance of it leasing well either.

Rogue - Just ok.

Equinox - Too small, feels cramped in the driver’s seat. Didn’t even bother taking it out of the lot.

QX50 - I liked it other than the dated infotainment and cooled seat function that did almost nothing. Not as many features as the Santa Fe despite being “luxury”.

Any suggestions on models I’m overlooking that would lease well? The 2020 Outback turbo will be out by then and I’d consider it, even though I’m not a fan of the wagon look. I suppose there’s the Grand Cherokee too if they lease decently. I’ve never driven one.

Highlanders are leasing well and will be better due to the refresh in 2020.

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Highlander leases great. Due to be remodeled next year (released this December). I know it is a bit larger than the santa fe, but not by much. We are currently going from a santa fe sport to a highlander.

True, the 2019 Highlander should be on clearing out stage by then and be even better priced than now. It’s a lateral move instead of downsizing and getting better MPG that I’d like (although the Santa Fe MPG is honestly not great), but if the price is right that’s an option.

The QX50 as an every day car is amazing. We love the cooled seats in ours and they worked great in our 108 degree weather today. Maybe there was something wrong with the one you were looking at. No argument on the infotainment.

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You must be in the Southwest as well! Maybe there was something wrong with the one I test drove, because I could barely feel it was on, and that was a month or so again when it was cooler. The Hyundai ventilated seats were much more effective. It seemed odd that Infiniti would let something through like that.

Jeep Cherokee, so much bang for the buck in our 39.5k Limited.

I feel like a broken record, but the CX5 is a good option. You may find it on the small side, but good interior and tech is improved for 2019 thanks to carplay. Just check the seats are comfy.

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If you’re considering the QX50, why not a Murano too? Its better than the Rogue and bigger than Rav4.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I’d ever associate a 40k Cherokee with “bang for buck.”

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QX50 is a good car, but it was just redone ad as far as I could tell the deals arent very good on them. Not to mention premium gas for thw car, which may or may not be a big deal for OP.

What region are you in?

Rx350 saw some pretty good deals

@StingerTT for a 39.5k car it has a ton of standard options like Apple Carplay/Android Auto, Remote Start, Heated Front Seats plus a ton more standard and we got the Technology Group that added:
Adaptive Cruise Control
Full Brake Assist
Collision Warning and Crash Mitigation
Automatic High Beams
Self Parking (Parrallel and Perpendicular)
Lane Departure Warning
Rain Sense Wipers
Side Distance Warning
8.4 UConnect Screen
Full Panoramic Sunroof
4G LTE WIFI Hotspot
GPS Navigation
SiriusXM Traffic Link

It blows the $43000 BMW X2 that we leased away in terms of options…

Agreed but only the non-turbo trims lease well, which is a shame because the base engine is average at best.

If you are ok with the lower trims, Hybrid Rav4 has the highest residuals of any car in that class. 66% for LE and 65% on XLE if I remember correctly and Toyota allows MSDs as well. Plus you’ll save significant amount of money on gas compared to all other options…

That’s not saying much

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No one knows what’s going to lease well in 4 months.

What do you mean? I would think a BMW X2 would come standard with most of the stuff we got in the heep

Why would you think that?

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I also wouldn’t have considered an X2 at any price point to be “bang for buck” either. It’s a pretty expensive sub-compact built on the Mini Countryman platform with BMW badging.

I’ve just never known the Cherokees to be high quality vehicles for a 40k price point, even when loaded to the gills. A 37k CX-5 Signature presents a better value proposition in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, this is purely subjective. Your Cherokee sounds like a very nice car.