Salespeople who seemingly don't want to sell

I’m doing research on weekends lately on Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport and a couple of other cars, including Volvo. I went into a dealer the other day to test drive a car, in this case, it happened to be an XC90. I walked in with an appointment, and the dealer sales guy showed me the car, but didn’t offer me to test drive a car. He also mentioned the deals aren’t that great for me right now as I’m not a first responder. I found it pretty odd that a salesperson would act this way and show so little interest, even if he’s right, that I’m not entitled to any first responder discounting. The fact that he didn’t offer to test drive a car confused me. Why would a salesperson not want to get you into a car to test drive and make a sale?

In my first car purchase, a Honda Accord in 2011, I was met with a dealer that wanted me to test drive and did not want me to leave the dealership until I’m sold. Years later, I went to a mercedes dealership
here in long island (NY) and wanted to do a test drive. The dealer asked what I drive, I said an accord. He suddenly looked sad, as if I was magically a loser at that point. Told me it was a huge step up for me and it may not be for me. I was courteous, my wife and I left thanking him. Later, I realized the dealer was pretty lame. I leased an Audi Q5 instead, which I loved.

Anyway, this gets me back to the original discussion, why do dealer salespeople suck at… selling?

Maybe I need to switch up my deodorant.

They don’t have 50 XC90s sitting on the lot these days.


He made a quick judgement that you weren’t going to buy that day or from him in the future so he broomed you away to save himself time. Happens fairly often with retail salesman


There was another weird thing… sales person actually told me he has tons 2021 volvo’s in waiting, they were in the lot. I asked him about them and differences, he said “I don’t know, we have them here, but I only know about the 2020s”.

Maybe you’re right, maybe they just needed to get rid of the few 2020s they have left… still, very lazy and unmotivated to sell.

With limited inventory, and in some cases a lack of volume, they are looking for the type of customer who is going to overpay and then sign up for all the optional services in the F&I office. Take it as a complement, he decided you weren’t a sucker. FWIW I never go into a dealership until I have the principles of a deal established… it’s at that point you test drive it.


From my experience, most salesmen rarely know much about the specs of any specific car model. I almost always know way more than them about the specific model I am interested in.


What did you say in your initial emails to him when setting the appointment? Or what was said during the phone call? It may be how he reacted to what you said. This isn’t an indictment on you…unless you threatened to burn the building donw.


Actually my wife called, some receptionist or front desk person picked up. She asked if my wife and I would like an appointment. My wife said sure. She asked what we were interested in, my wife said we wanted to have a look at the XC90. We actually never spoke to any salesperson before hand, only when we walked into the dealer.

Still doen’t mean he can just brush em off like that. Do first responders arrive at the dealership in uniforms ? lol


I think these stories are as old as car dealerships themselves. I remembered my friend trying to test drive a BMW with dot com money and the sales guy told her to to get a VW down the street. Best is just not take it personally but it’s difficult also they took your appointment and not offered a test drive is lame.


Bummer. My dealership has one guy that burns ups like crazy. I think every dealership has this guy.


This. Even if the client isn’t interested in buying that day, if an appt is being made, I think it’s totally implied at least a test drive is part of that.

Oh, well. For the OP, save your $ for a dealer (or salesperson) that has better customer service.

The best part about test-drives now (at least in California) is that you just give the car to the person and send them off on their own. Very little effort is actually required if someone is feeling lazy for the day.


Same in philly. I took a taycan, gt3, and a panamera out alone last week. Love when the sales guy doesn’t try and come with


Here in NY they aren’t allowed to come with you due to COVID. Honestly, it’s better. You take a look for yourself and you ignore all the irrelevant things they mention.


I wonder if some people are so lazy that they find taking a license and making a copy and all that too much trouble.

Family member recently went to turn in their Ford Edge because lease was up. Their last 3 leases have been with Ford, same dealership. I’d say irrelevant for this specific case, but background info.

Her request was simply wanting the same exact car but a 2020, same color, same packages; white w/SEL pkg. Apparently the sales person said the car is in the back, and can’t pull it out unless he has a signature that she is willing to sign for the car today.

I’ve heard there is a 400, or 600 dollar pay on top of unemployment; maybe their goal is to be let go versus quitting


I hate tactics like that. That’s why I like brokers, as long as they are good people that want to make money themselves and do the right thing by their clients.

As for the money on top of unemployment, you could be right, but it’s a gamble, our government is spending alot, and there’s alot of interest by the government to pull back on those payments at any point.

I wonder if supply is light, and thus volume is light. Then salespeople make less sales, and so less money. So they care less now than ever before. They probably figure they will wait and someone will show up ready to pay top dollar, so why deal with a hacker.

Who the hell lets anyone test drive a GT3?


It was used…I guess when you come in an i8 they don’t mind. He offered. I wasn’t even looking at it.

And it was purple…