Sales tax/registration new lease Az to Ca

Items such as lease incentives are taxed in full at the time the lease is entered into. However, negotiated discounts from MSRP are not taxed.

You do not pay tax on a dealer discount

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Is there a company someone in California can hire to get through the DMV mess instead of DIY?

You can use a third party registration company or AAA (just check Yelp for your area), but it’s pretty east: smog check, VIN scan, registration at DMV.

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I think I would go to AAA.

AAA…They will send you to go to DMV if registering from out of state

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If AAA won’t do it, will a third party registration company do the work for me so I don’t have to hassle with DMV myself?

Yes-there’s plenty that will do it… Just google search and will show nearest services

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Thank you to everyone for your help! We did not need to pay tax on the full car value. I called the DMV several times and the tax board- both gave me incorrect information and said that we were responsible.
If anyone else is struggling with this my advice is to call around and find a private DMV place that knows what to do. We paid $75 for a company to process the paperwork and they got us our $$ back that the DMV charged us.
The only fees we were responsible for were the registration fees which was about $5-600ish.


Which company did you use?