Sales people are weird

“I’m telling you what my lowest lease price is at my dealership to lease a CAR MODEL. It’s right online for everyone to see! I don’t send out internal documents like that, no. You’re more than welcome to come in and see whatever documents you’d like. If you went and bought a blender, would you ask Kohls what their manufacturing costs are or what their advertising fees are? Probably not? Buying a car is literally the same process.”
Sorry, just thought it was a funny reply.

I’d ask him if he honors kohl coupons on their cars…:laughing::rofl:

“No problem, the only person that stands to lose out is yourself. My time is very important to me. I wouldn’t waste it communicating with you. It’s a great deal. I’m sorry you will not come in for that price. Good luck to you!”
Man it’s so hard to find a car for my parents in a non-luxury space. These sales people are so damn retarded.


…as he wastes his time communicating with you.