S90 with car seat?


I have a s90, cx-9, and explorer. S90 has the most room in the back seat for a Britax marathon convertible (huge) and a BOB stroller that fits fine in the trunk.

Don’t believe me, take the car seat with you on test drives and put them in the back, you won’t need to latch them. I mean this is pretty much what test drives are for.


Not necessary easier for everything, maybe not for most things too. But for car seat and stroller, yeah, at least from my recent car shopping experience I think a sedan works out better for the same size class, here we are comparing a compact sedan to a compact crossover for this usage.


As everyone is saying the back seat in the S90 is huge. No problems with car seats back there.

However the trunk is just average for the segment. Make sure all your other baby stuff (stroller, diaper bags, ect) will fit back there with room to spare for all the other stuff you will want to put in the trunk.


And if everything does not fit in the trunk, there is more than enough space on the floor in the back :slight_smile:


Or you can get the v90 and split the difference:). Note I have never been in a v90:)


Sadly, for the same lease price of a V90, you can lease two S90s; one for the car seat and one for the stroller.


My kids grew up in a Civic and TSX. They will probably resent me when they get older, but for completely different reasons.


What the hell kind of strollers are you guys rolling with that wouldn’t fit in a midsize car or SUVs trunk?

Personally, I picked up an SUV for the sole reason that I didn’t want to bend down to get my kid in and out of his car seat. I have the back of a 55 year old man so it was starting to wear on me with my old TL.


they come in various sizes image


The V90 is actually 6 inches shorter than the S90. Not sure where those inches go, probably a little back seat legroom and a little trunk space.


It’s all back seat leg room. The V90 is on the short wheel base version of the S90 (what we got in 2017 in the states).


I really find this hard to believe. I fit a car seat in an Eagle Talon year’s ago in a pinch, and that backseat was just for show.


Like I said split the difference:) 6" shorter than a s90 and ~7" longer than say a q5. Get the cross country version and you can split the height also:)

In the end stuff either fits or it doesn’t. Only way to tell is to measure.


Maybe rearward facing or one of those bases where the infant carrier snaps in and the carrier lays almost flat. [Been many years since my children needed child/booster seats].


this. a rear facing car seat is a tight squeeze in almost any vehicle, be it a sedan or a large SUV.

the real benefit of suv’s and crossovers is the increased height (typically easier for loading and unloading) and the rear cargo area. Not only is it more accommodating in terms of space, but being able to change diapers back there on the go is something that’s much tougher in a sedan.


snipped from: https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/volvo/s90

“S90 and Car Seats
The S90 comes with three tether anchors and two sets of lower anchors. This LATCH hardware is easy to find and mostly easy to use, though connecting a seat to the lower anchors is somewhat difficult.”


The three tether anchors are for forward facing at the back of each back seat. For sedan, they are just a rigid ring kind of thing in the rear deck. This is nothing special. All my previous cars have these. Lower anchors are only at the out board seats in volvo and most cars, suvs and minivans. So far I have only seen llower anchors in middle seat I n Honda/Acura pilot, MDx, odyssey and Audi Q7. Lower anchors are extremely easy to use especially fo rear facing, it beat routing seat belt big time IMO. Most importantly, it is easier to use it correctly. The only draw back is lower anchor is only rated for 65lb total, including both the seat and the baby.


S90 is easily combined with car seat mods. I’ve found that even if the seat is massive like the Safety 1st one that I bought last year (was looking mostly for the described here), it fits perfectly and there is enough place for the second passenger.