S60 Lease Ends July - Should I Start Shopping Now or Wait Until July

Hello Leasehackers. I’ve posted on Edmunds, but this is first time here.

I’m in Northern Virginia, looking for thoughts on when to start shopping for a new Volvo lease to start in July. Current lease on $43K MSRP 2018 S60 T5 inscription ($450/mo) ends July 25. Love it but but not buying and not enough equity for trouble (Carvana quoted close to buyout).

My goal is to find a good deal on the same model/trim/engine, but I’m open if an XC60 is a better deal (I have Costco). I’ve watched inventory levels within 100 miles since mid-May - not moving.

In 2018, my discount (late July) on my $43K MSRP was $8,500 ($3,500 Volvo allowance, 2,750 lease bonus and $2,250 dealer discount (5%)). MF was .00022 no MSDs, Residual 50%. I’m dreaming of a repeat performance.

I’d appreciate any thoughts. When would you start shopping? Do you think there are many like me waiting to grab inventory on July 1 if Volvo satisfies our dreams? Or is better tactic to wait until mid-July? Alternatively, do you think a lot of the inventory will be gobbled up in late June when quarter ends and dealers might be more willing to discount more? I haven’t used brokers before - would you?

I’d appreciate thoughts on any of these questions. Thanks.

Nothing to gain by waiting. The 21s are all out, the 22s are not coming until August /September. The current car shortage means end of model year discounts have not been happening.

there’s nothing left to discount. i don’t think i have a single non-demo s60 left lol

You’ll see the first batch of 22s in July.

Some early July - Volvo really pushed to get cars into the US.

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I’m looking a 2021. Unless I’m missing something, the inventory of S60 and XC60s within 100 miles of the NO VA area is in the hundreds of cars. I would think the dealers and Volvo would be anxious to move them, which is why I was hoping for July incentives to be very good. Where is my logic going wrong?

They will be the same or worse.

You see hundreds now but that number last year was likely in the thousands.

Most dealers are undersupplied by 1/1,5 months inventory.

There are still some stores with lots of cars but that is likely because they slowed down their pace of sales.

There is a NJ dealer that has a ton of cars but their deals suck because they likely have limited flow through from now until EOY.

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Please PM dealer info.


It’s probably still worth selling the car to 3rd party to avoid fees and potential charges but many don’t buy VCFS tho including Carvana.

There are some semi decent XC60 deals I’ve seen on the forum lately, worth trying especially with the Costco

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