S60 awd 560/mo xc40 awd 572/mo xc60 554/mo xc90 669/mo includes LI taxes and 15k/yr no rebate needed

What’s this ABA?

american bar association


What would this look like with Costco and ABA? 7 percent tax in south Florida 33134

How would you get the xc90? Ship it? fly for it?

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1931 plus dmv due at signing
36mo 10k w aba and costco

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Ship it usually. Thanks!

All new volvo leases include 2 payments made by our dealership until months end!

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Did this sell?

Just wanted to drop a review for Keith. Contacted him Saturday morning via text, car was delivered to Queens Sunday evening. Picked up an XC60 Plus for my parents on one of his 5 month deals. Everything was super straightforward, he was very responsive from the beginning. Look forward to working with him again in 5 months.


What did the numbers look like?

Hi Keith. Do you have any S60’s in stock for the 5 month lease deals? And if not when do you expect to get more?

dm me if you want a quote

948/month. Only 1st month DAS. I’ll get a rebate for 2 payments so effective monthly payment is 569, not counting the $450 dispo fee at end of the 5 months. I was in a bind and needed something quick for my parents so I’m happy I got them into a good car at a decent price. They’ll use the 5 months to determine if the small suv is right for them (driven only sedans for the last 35 years). So in 5 months I’ll go back to Keith for either and s60 or xc60, and will be eligible for loyalty rebate.

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Still have xc90?

Very interesting thank you