S60 awd 560/mo xc40 awd 572/mo xc60 554/mo xc90 669/mo includes LI taxes and 15k/yr no rebate needed

Hi guys and gals,

We have 41 XC60s on the lot and 59 XC90s. I need to get them off the lot ASAP. I am $3,400 UNDER MSRP on XC60’s. We also only have a dealer fee of $175. No other fees accept Bank and DMV.


This is my deal for an XC60 B5 Momentum AWD with climate pkg

This is the calculator for a B5 Inscription AWD

The link below is for my XC90 T6 Momentum AWD (with Climate pkg) deal. This is over $3,000 below MSRP.

Teachers, Military, and first responders get an additional $500 off.

This is for the XC90 T5 it is a bit cheaper than the T6

Please pick a stock number and give me a ring!


Please feel free to dm me or call/text my work cell 934-799-2716


For this market, in NY with the capped doc fee and no broker fee, looks pretty solid!

Especially if there is no ~$300-$400 “protection fee” like other LI dealers… which is the BS Zurich Shield crap.


Thanks! Any feedback is appreciated! I want to show my GM that internet sales aka forum sales is the way to go.


I did not address this:


I just need a deposit and credit application to “protect” a deal


Good start at invoice with low dealer fee.

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Thank you! I just want to move as many units as I can

Any PHEV versions of the XC60/90 that you are also trying to move?

Cash on hood always moves cars

That’s the plan!

where ny you located

Long Island NY!

You have white


See the link below

its in stock


How can I contact youstrong text

934 799 2716
thats my work cell, you can call or text or you can dm here, whichever is easier for you

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Thanks for posting your lease figures…

A 2022 XC60 SUV for $614 sounds very reasonable…

But…$4,234 cash at signing seems excessive…

The whole point of leasing to me Is to minimize the cash out-of-pocket…

Is your MF being offered at base rate… and not marked up?


How much do you know about leasing? You can have 0 out of pocket, if you want to. What “trunk money”? The programs are what they are and programs make the lease.

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Trunk cash is only offered on the Prius


@thevolvoguy - welcome to the downside of the forum - posting an invoice deal in a crazy market basically w/o a doc and it gets called unreasonable.

feel free to landfill THs


I think you’re not being reasonable. Assuming posted calc for the 60 is for a B5 Mom, yeah that’s base.
Invoice and base, with basically no doc fee. The deal isn’t mind-shattering, but still, not bad.

If you want a lower price - you should have bought a year ago. No need for dealer discounts or for Volvo to shove money in the trunk when nobody else has cars.


LeaseHackr is the way to go!
I see a $500 discount running on the website. Can that be stacked on top of the $2600 discount you mentioned above?
And the calculator you posted above for XC60…does that apply for either B5 Momentum or B5 Inscription?