S3 lease offer 36/12k lease

Hey guys I’d like to see what you think of this offer I got yesterday. I’m not sure if I have all the information, but hopefully it’s enough to get started:

2016 Audi S3 premium plus
MSRP: 50465
Sale Price: 44000
36/12k lease
Sales Tx(CA) (estimate): 3528.72
Weight fee: 24.00
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): 358.00
Flat Add/County Fee: 10.00
Electronic Filing: 29.00
Smog Abatement fee: 20.00
Doc fee: 80.00
Tire/battery/MVWEA: 8.75
Rebates: $500
Balance: 48,058.47

With 0 down: 599/mo
with 928 down: 571/mo
with 2500 down: 525/mo

Let me know what you think. I pretty much copy and pasted the print doc the sent me.


If you’re in CA, taxes are on your lease payment , so don’t get why you have taxes separate?

What’s the avg price paid for this car on truecar? Are you getting a low enough price ?

Did you look into putting down Security Deposits to lower mf ?

Off the top, $599/mo seems way too high for a car with that price

It looks like a purchase quote with lease options tacked onto the end. That sales tax amount won’t apply, the rebate might not apply, and then the acquisition fee is not listed.

If they can give you the mf and residual, that would help.

Since you are in the price range, may we interest you in a Jaguar F type or a BMW 428i M sport for 599 or less?

So it sounds like my next step should be to ask for the MF and the residual. This is my first time purchasing a car so I’m still learning to navigate to the best deal. I also didn’t ask about MSD’s because they have yet to run my credit.

Truecar has the average paid for this car to be 47k.

$600/mo is actually way above my price range, so I don’t know if those cars would work with me. I’m interested in the 435i but again, I believe it to be well out of my price range.

Thanks everyone!

is the $0 down, $928 down and $2500 down, capital reduction plus drive offs or full drive offs with fees?

435i M loaner is reported here for 400 a month.

That’s an amazing deal. Is that in California as well?

The amount down was the drive off.