Rx350, glc300, xc60 - who usually leases the best?


Without going through each deal on the forums, which car is typically leased attracrively with some negotiations?


Your best bet is the RX350. Personally, I would go with the XC60 but that’s because I love the new Volvo interiors.


Its a nice interior, even though the rx 350 is a bigger vehicle and should be compared to maybe the xc90, its msrp competes in this space. However one thing I did notice about the rx is the packages are made in a way it greatly increased the price. Toyota knows how to nickle and dime you.


Not to mention their infotainment system is a raging garbage fire.


Agree. 47k RX350 gives you pathetic small screen in large frame. Let alone no car play or android auto.


And it quickly becomes the most boring vehicle on the planet to drive.


I haven’t seen a better navigation screen than the 12.3’ on the RX. That’s probably the main reason I got a Lexus. The f sport is not bad to drive.


You can lease the GLC with phone integration and save on navigation, therefore you can lease it in the low $400’s. The Lexus with navigation goes up to $53k plus w navigation, so it then leases in the low to mid $500’s. Volvo I believe if you add navigation it puts you in the mid $500’s I believe.


Definitely RX350, but the other two are much better cars.


Here in lies the problem


I’ve seen lots of sub 500 deals on a nicely equipped RX


Show me a sub $500 Recent RX deal w navigation.


Just did one last week.


Truer words have ne’er been uttered. I love my RC 350. But I effing loathe the user interface for the infotainment. It’s horrendously bad. The most basic economy cars have easier systems to use.

I’ll not get another Lexus until they address this matter. It’s a deal breaker. Thing is, you don’t realize how horrible it is till about day 4 . . . And then the car is yours!


I have no issues with it. Had a GS 350 for 3 years and now an RX. My biggest issue was with the sensitivity of the mouse but I just found out that it could be adjusted. The Navigation screen on the other hand is the best of any of the cars I’ve tested.


RX will be your best option… Interms of pricing. Really comfy and come with bunch of standard safety features.


Can you share details of your deal? I haven’t found one. What mileage, dealer and MSRP. Thanks