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General question…if I’m looking to lease out of state (say the car I want is in California, I live in Florida) will Money Factor, Incentives, RV be different (I’m almost certain it will but not so convinced) Also, I would pay sales tax in California and again in Florida at the time I register the vehicle? Any input would be appreciated

I fixed the tags on your post since we’re discussing FL and CA, not AZ.

It depends on the mystery car: some programs are regional by where you live, some are based on where the dealership is.

Taxes also may vary depending if you take delivery in person or ship the car.


As for incentives and such, that depends on the brand.

For example, Jeep is based on your region where the car is registered no matter where you buy from, but BMW is based on the dealers region, no matter where you register the car.


Im looking into a Chevrolet Camaro, the car I like is out of state and I’ve confirmed values with Edmunds, just dont want to approach the dealer not knowing if money values change or stayed the same but I’ll inquire with the dealer/mvd in my area. I just hope my application/deal doesn’t get tossed aside for being out of state :sweat_smile:

I will be taking delivery in person, pretty much driving across the map

Sounds like one heckuva way to take delivery of a Camaro!

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