RV/MF for 2017 BMW M240i RWD Convertible 6spd

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [BMW M240i RWD, Convertible, 6spd, Estoril blue, heated seats, Driver Assistance Pkg, Harmon Kardon Sound]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [33613]

Dealer said there are no incentives since the car doesn’t exist in the US and would have to be built. :frowning:


Ordering a car built to spec isn’t uncommon at all for BMWs.

You should be able to get US invoice plus (500-1k) or ED invoice plus 500.

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You should also look at nationwide inventory and see if any highly optioned cars exist that exceed your min requirements. A dealer could be sitting on a fully loaded one somewhere and be willing to deal.

Thanks for the heads up. FWIW, I did ask the dealer to check and there was only 1 M240i convertible in the USA with a 6 spd and heated seats, and it has red interior (which is a deal-breaker for my wife). We’re looking into the ED option as that seems to be at worst a break-even with us getting a vacation out of the deal.

36/12K: 57% RV, .00134 MF
Targeted: $1,000 Grad, $500 USAA

If you do a special order/European Delivery, you can “lock” the current month’s rates, and change to a different one if the programs improve during your month of delivery.

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Thanks!! We’re going back and forth now on ED vs US pickup. Would love to do the ED as it would basically be a break even and we love to travel, but it’s all up to how precisely we could coordinate w a set vacation schedule.

Read the wiki/FAQ on bimmerfest, it should answer all your questions.

If you feel up to it, you can also do Ed + PCD

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