RV, MF, and Incentives

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When it comes to finding each of these values, I know you can easily find the incentives on the vehicles brand website such as Kia.com, Toyota.com… But when it comes to RV and MF it’s digging in a black hole. I know that you can easily go onto edmunds forum find the vehicle and post there. I have done that several times and they are awesome about it. My question is where do they get the info from, or brokers on here, who easily obtain all the info. Is there specific paid software that these people have? Just seems like a black home that a select few have access to. Hopefully there’s an easy answer… just curious if this info is available on a secret website or so on… thanks!

Edmunds pays for it

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It’s not made available publicly, those guys at edmunds have some sort of contacts at dealers or the like(brokers etc)or pay for it like @mllcb42 says, that give them the info. You won’t find it published period, except for Ally…lol

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Anyone who has easy access to that information is paying for it (Unless they are employed at a dealership)

Its paid access to a desking website, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a secret lol

I’m finding Edmunds has it when you select a lease deal from their car shopping page:

Hope they keep this feature.

I’d take the info with a grain of salt, I looked at some deals locally on there and they didn’t look right at all. Different terms than the local offer from Toyota and the MF looks wrong(edmunds forum showing .00001). This is on a Camry LE, oddly, every dealer had almost the same payment advertised.


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