RV fro GMC Terrain

Year: [2018]
**GMC, Terrain, SLE with AWD
Zip Code: [16441]
Can someone get me the RV for the above car? Thanks

Ask on Edmunds for the RV

I’m really new at all this. I went to Edmunds site and I couldn’t find any info on the RV of the vehicle I’m looking at. Could someone help me out with this? Maybe a link to where the info is? Thanks.

Google “Edmunds GMC Terrain Lease”

Read the posts from the current month to see if the info you want is already there. If not, make an account and ask, and the moderators will post the info within a day or so.

Seriously people should abstain from these kind of replies. Everyone knows how to google. If you don’t want to help, please don’t reply. These kind of replies just spread the negativity on forums and turn members away.