RV differs from zip to zip, does it matter where I lease from?


I’ve seen RV’s varying from zip codes and terms ie.10/36 vs. 10/39. For example, Edmunds is showing 61% RV for 90068 on particular car plus options, and I’ve asked them to see mine in 95XXX…awaiting their answer.

Hypothetical question for you all, let’s say Edmunds replies with a 55% RV for my zip…does that mean I would need to do the lease from 90068 to get that 61% or am I doomed to the hypothetical 55% RV at my addressing zip?

Also, are taxes factored in the deal at the location I lease from, or my mailing address?


RV is based on zip where the dealer is. It actually rarely varies. Most brands it won’t vary ever. It certainly won’t vary between two CA zips and it certainly won’t vary by 6 points.

Sales tax is based on the garaging address you give the leasing company.


Perfect, thank you so much for your reply @mah4546 ! Looking now, I just saw Edmunds provide an update of 59% RV at my zip of 12/36, and looking back, I did a typo on the 61%…in actuality it was 60% for a 10/36.

So the 1% difference can be attributed my my extra 2K miles.

The only thing that changes per zip code is incentives such as dealer cash and rebates. That is why people provide their zip on edmunds.

@CapsCup2018 - Ok thanks, that makes sense now.

Toyota definitely has different numbers if you are in the Southeast or Gulf region vs. the rest of the country. I am not sure how common it is, but it does happen.

Usually rv is a nationwide value, its the mf and incentives that vary from region to region. I have had experience with fmc/lincoln, cadillac, mb, bmw, fca, gm, and ally. I know bmw is a bit different with them basing off dealership location but dont quote me on that, however for the most part residual value is usually nationwide.