Rv And MF on etron prestige demo with 1500 miles

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Trying to figure out how to adjust the calculator for a demo Etron, can anyone advise what the RV and MF would be?

Enter the MF, RV and the demo miles. RV will adjust automatically in the calculator.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t see that option on the Audi calculater.

This is from 2 years ago. Hopefully someone with recent experience will respond.

With just 1500 miles, I am pretty sure there is no need to adjust RV and it can be leased with the new car programs…

Thanks for that @vhooloo and @Batistuta.

Pretty sure the RV needs to be adjusted

Hey I’m seeing some older information, but to the best of my current knowledge, no new car programs apply. Audi demos lose all incentives (lease cash, etc).

Yup. This, although i think they lose it not loose it :smiley: