RS eTron GT winners: come out of the woodworks

Won’t the deal not fund with the adjusted cost being under the RV?

Yes, but as you can see on some of the examples, dealers have ways of avoiding that to push the financing through up to cutting you a check at the backend once the deal funds.

I may have found another RS but dealer is at MSRP minus 10% off innovators, 7500 and 30K

But I see same car on true car for about 9% off. Now does this mean I can get 10% off innovators and additional dealer discount? Does the innovators come from Audi or dealer? A dealer in Melbourne FL tried to say “we are losing so much money on this car” while I’m like your not losing shit, all your incentives are by Audi not your dealer. Your basically getting back most of the discount

Did someone hack your account?


lol no.

My white one is going to my brother now since he’s been bitching to get a etron. I think this one I can get much better deal on lol

Innovator is the equivalent of the dealer discounting 6% as they receive 4% back from Audi. It appears the program still allows them to mark up the MF up to 40 basis points.


hey its me ur other brother

Still haven’t gotten my own and you’re working on a second one :smiling_face_with_tear:


First one showed up! Second one will come this week


Looks great in white.

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Congrats. Picked up my RS GT today, as well. Suzuka gray with santos brown interior. 12/7.5k one-pay lease. Sub-$550 pre-tax monthly. $799 effective monthly.


I’m definitely interested! If you run across something similar let me know!

Did they have to add in random fees to get over the cap cost issue?

I have acquired a cousin to the RS eTron GT. I will say no more at this time.


No dealer add-ons as far as I can tell, but I had to pay higher amount at signing and they’re cutting me a check for the difference to get around cap cost limitations

Bro got a rs7

I’m guessing it’s a Porch Tycoon.

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Oh nice for dealer to do that

My first deal, dealer refused and had to get their bogus packages

Second deal is about $6300 for one pay all in but they adding to cap cost and cutting me check back once deal funds. So my effective is $525 or so all in a month.

My brother gonna be pissed cause he’s paying 790$ lol

$525 all in for this car is absolutely insane. Nicely done. No tax rebates or state incentives available here, but I’m not complaining about $799 effective, either. This dealership was also within an hour and a half of my house, so did not need to pay for shipping.

I think 12 months is going to go by way too fast…

Amazing deal man, $9600 one-pay for the year/7.5k miles is absolutely crazy - enjoy!!


lol these dealers thinking they giving out good deals