RR Velar, Evogue,Jag E-pace F-Pace, AR Stelvio

I’m looking at the vehicles listed in subject line. I’ve gotten all the MF and residuals, thank you for all the help! I’m basically looking for the most value I can get from each manufacturer.
The subject list is in the order of my preference. I figured it wpuld be easier than starting four separate subjects. If this should be posted somewhere else please let me know
What I need now how far and push these dealers for the best possible price. If anyone bought one of these cars can you post the amount off MSRP? I know there is a subject for that but I didn’t want to post a question under that heading. I understand if for deals already made, and hopefully I will soon post mine.


Search the forum - there are specific deals that were made / offered.

Basically, RR Velar you are lucky to get 8% off
Evoque no more than 10% off.
E and F Pace Jags - good discounts available as they are not moving very well.
Alfa Stelvio is the best now with 15-20% off MSRP.

OMG just get the Verde Visconti Stelvio and call it a day… Someone just take my money that I don’t have


To begin, the Velar and the F-pace are the same exact platform. The Jag is supposed to be “sportier” but both models use the exact same engine, and have the same basic infotainment. The question is are you willing to pay the premium for the Velar? Dollar for dollar the Jag is a better value up until about 60k. The base Velars look much worse to me than the mid-spec jags. That being said, I don’t trust the Velar as a model line as mine is getting lemon lawed and the dealership I got it from told me that my issues with the vehicle are not unique. Between the E-pace and the Evoque, I’d really take neither. Both are small and really impractical since there is effectively no trunk storage. What you might want to consider is looking into the Discovery Sport if you want to stay in the JLR brand. I’ve had one as a loaner for a couple weeks now and I absolutely love it and I’m certain you can get a great discount on one.

The Velar and F pace may be on the same platform but how come I bump my head getting in and getting out of a F Pace while the Velar I do not ?

That is a real deal breaker - getting hit on the head each time you get in / out of the car!

I love this rare color!

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It’s beautiful. That and Misano Blue. For me it would be a Verde Visconti Giulia or Stelvio with yellow brake calipers.

Platform is the underlining structure where the engine, suspension and transmission sit.

I’ve seen virtually every color offered on the Stelvio EXCEPT for that one. I’m guessing it isn’t very popular … …though it should be :slight_smile:

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Alfa USA just announced its availability on the Stelvio on Instagram yesterday. I think it’s gorgeous.

I think that the Jag has a slightly more raked roof line that the Velar, also it could be something to do with seating position and air suspension or lack thereof.

I was considering an F-Pace and had one as a loaner for about 5 days. I liked it, but it did not speak to me, and the interior was archaic at best.
I just picked up a Velar and have not had any issues with it (being a loaner as well) with about 17k off sticker. My brother has the RR Sport HSE V8 SC, and while it is incredibly fast and good looking, I prefer mine for some reason.
Evoque’s feel cheap and poorly made, wait for the 2019 as it will be beautiful and you will get much more discounts on an 18.

I looked into the Alfa, for but ~$550/mo, it is not worth it to me. I thought it also felt a little cheaply made. Plus Alfa reliability isn’t much better than JLR

Yes that is correct - the Jag F Pace does not have easy entry/exit seats like the Velar has.

That makes a huge difference between being able to avoid the roof while entering/exiting the car with seats pushed up.

My Discovery Sport has the automatic easy entry/exit seats and love them - can’t live without that feature as my older body does not contort as much as my youth years…

I actually saw this color on a dealer’s website about 2-3 months ago for an “in transfer” Stelvio Lusso. Is it exclusive to Lusso?

I’m not sure, I certainly hope not! Verde Visconti all the things!

beautiful car! And thanks for your help.

I agree ,The velar is at a premium price but that interior is beautiful!

Lusso is a trim.
It’s more of a luxury trim compared to the Ti or Sport trims.
The green is available on any trim.
Just not common on the dealer lots.

Yes, I know :smirk:

Love the Lusso seats - they so much more comfy than the base or sport seats.