Roadster in Detroit Search

I have been looking for roadster (convertible, 2 -seater) car for a while on this forum and online but without much luck.

I have had Miata in the past and now want to try different roadster car. My budget is up to $400/month. I am based in Detroit area. I am posting as new topic because most of the deal I find here are for California or other states.

I am flexible on colors and transmission (prefer manual but can live with automatic). What I would really like is really good deal in terms on low selling price, low MF.


Sounds like you want to hire a broker. @Benedetto is a good first contact

This actually made me think, what are new roadsters you could buy today…

Mazda Miata
Fiat 124
Nissan 370Z
Audi TT
Jaguar E-Type

Can’t think of any others…