for leases?

Has anybody tried for lease deals? The seem to have some decent numbers $$ on their site for certain car models. Not that better deals can’t be had but they do spell out all the details of the lease right out front, and seem competitive. I like the way the site looks and works and at the very least would be a good baseline to start with in terms of lease pricing for a particular car. They also let you see how different options and trim levels affect the lease pricing.

The first thing is the “$3,500” drive-off seems high. Clicking into the vehicles, you will see a line item in the fine print called “pre-paid depreciation” which to me sounds like downpayment. Most of them range from $1,900 (BMW X5) - $4,500 (Ford Explorer XLT) so that makes these deals not as good as they seem

False advertisement, total deception and waste of time… We looked to lease our new vehicle through their platform and decided to lease an SUV that was advertised on their website. We told them we were flexible with the color and trim, just wanted to get the deal they advertised. We have excellent credit history and roadster asked that we provide our SSN, along with historical employment and residence data, etc to validate our credit score. This is extremely sensitive data you’re asked to give away. A free hours later and roadster was unable to fulfill our request (for a deal they advertised). Another day goes by and we were told they’re "working with their ‘dealer network’ " and they’re waiting “to hear back from their ‘sourcing manager’”. Lots of excuses along the way but they were unable to fulfill the car we ordered. This is a bidding platform with zero accountability for the buyer. Stay away

Agree 100%. If you compare the “discounts” to what is reported here you will see that you are paying a huge premium for Roadster to negotiate the deal and prep the car for you. In the case of low-end BMW it was a difference of $3000 or more which presumably goes into Roadster’s pocket. Or they just don’t care about getting you the best deal because it doesn’t affect their compensation. But for that kind of money I am happy (well not happy) to work the deal myself with the annoying dealer staff.