Rivian Rt1 Truck

My coworker saw one on 95 in Philly a couple days ago. It definitely stands out…

I mistook it for a Honda Ridgeline, out of the corner of my eye.

As my old lady used to say, ‘Billions of flies eat shit’, but I’m sticking to my current diet, thank you very much. :wink:

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Must of had a ton of cancelations.

They need a history of meeting expectations much less exceeding them, before pulling this card. Hard to put back the card once pulled.

This was a big blunder on their part. Financially/business-wise, everything is back to how it was 2 days ago, except now they have gravely damaged trust in their company.

It takes years to build trust but only seconds for it to vanish.


I don’t have a Rivian pre-order althu I have been seriously considering one. I interviewed there a while back and was impressed by what they had achieved back then. For me now, the trust is completely gone. How can I know they won’t pull a trick down the road? What happens for service or anything else? its an expensive purchase, and I want to know the company will stand behind me if something were to happen, and I just don’t believe that anymore.

Hyundai called they want their Santa Cruz back

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I canceled my order immediately. I’m hearing over 1/3 of their orders canceled.


Yknow. I’d almost respect them more if they stuck to their guns on the price hike (or have not done it at all)

Perhaps they could have done like Tesla and the price only hikes if you dicker with the order.

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And they still don’t have enough production capacity to even fill the orders that remains.

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Consumers purchase many products which are garbage. Demand does not necessarily define a quality product (regardless of however one chooses what “quality” may be).

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:100: I was going to comment something very similar. Tucking your tail between your legs and backtracking (with reversing the price increases) almost makes the situation uglier IMO. For them being basically a brand new startup, they should tread a bit more carefully.

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Where did I say either was a quality product? All I said was that people will still buy it

Based on all the reviews it does look like a quality product, as far as anyone on here and myself can judge. It’s also a unicorn in a sense that it does 0-60 in 3.1ish seconds… beating the Model X, TRX, etc vehicles in a drag… it’s styling is not my favorite… but i’m more a function kind of person and did put in a reservation (77,300–>91k!!)… but then they reversed course, I would just like to get a delivery date more than anything else. In the market for a new car and wouldn’t mind only buying 1 at the moment…

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I canceled too. I would have guessed more than 1/3 canceled. Would love to know the true number. Move wasn’t New Coke stupid but clearly ill judged.

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Are you going to reinstate your order? I think it foolish not to.

We’ve been seeing more and more of these in Orange County (Rivian HQ in Irvine). I see 3-6 per day (all employee deliveries).

We have a R1S (SUV version) on order with an “expected delivery” date of May. We are excited for it. Bang for buck it’s hard to beet right now.


Well if they’re selling for 20% more now … Instant equity before purchase, so if just for that alone best reinstate your reservation.

Yes. Do you know how to do it? I signed into my account and wasn’t given an option to reinstate. Edit: Never mind I just got the email to reinstate.