RIVIAN R1T car Finder

The issue is you might not be able to add Friends and family discount but it has a 2023 lease promotion of $3700

There’s no guarantee of even the 2023 lease offer showing up anymore. It completely depends on what their new offers are.

Checked with them two days back and this particular Vin has $3700 as 2023 promotion tied to it.

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Use this for inventory : Rivian Roamer


This is great !

There is a quad large at the cheapest possible Msrp @ zipcode 77053. If someone wants to jump on it.

Honestly these aren’t that attractive anymore unless you have extra rebates that allow you to skip the down payment.

There are folks who reserved in may and still have not taken delivery. If they had a dual and want to jump to Quad then this is their chance. Their f&f discount would be transferred and the 2023 lease promotion would apply as well.

Only if it’s a 2023, and even then I’m hearing a lot of mixed things from people on Reddit. A few people there mentioned their F&F couldn’t be applied and they were offered a refund instead of that.