Rivian R1T $82,799

Rivian R1T $82,799

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
Location: 2022 R1T Adventure Pack, large battery pack, quad motor, El Cap granite ext, black mountain int.

Mid Atlantic region. Near Hagerstown, MD

Current mileage: 1050
As new condition



This is for sale? Or are Rivian leases transferrable?

For sale. It’s not leased.

Added For Sale tag. GLWS


Window sticker? MSRP?


Current msrp is $89,500

Does it lose a lot of battery charge when parked outdoors in the cold? MotorTrend reported that their Rivian was losing 12% of battery charge per night. Rivian claims to have lowered the drain through a software update.

Never noticed it, but my software is up to date.

Johnny Lieberman said he lost 3% overnight sitting in the cold in big bear

Cars and bids auction? Good luck with the sale.

Better deal than waiting for a new one. Too high MSRP for a tax credit plus who knows what the MSRP will be when my reservation gets attention. GLWS!

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Is that a boom box or space heater?

It comes with it’s own bluetooth speaker. Actually pretty cool and sounds good. Slides in under the center console.


I wasn’t sure if it was some charging component or what? Thanks!

Its actually really cool, it’s part of the in truck audio system and also a portable battery and speaker for when you are outdoors.

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What’s even cooler is 0-60 in sport mode. I laughed out loud in the end.


Good luck OP. I am in MD as well— just traded in my BMW iX50 for 82k. CarMax was 70k. I was really lucky. Did you post on CarGurus? Some dealers may reach out to you.

Thanks for the wishes. I just started listing yesterday. It’s on cargurus and facebook. I don’t think I’ll have much luck with dealers. I expect a private sale. If I don’t have any joy in the first week I may put it on cars and bids.

The Rivian’s have been steadily going down in price. I’ve been watching them pop up on BAT. The last one that sold went for $84,000.


Since the first sale was for 120K, there was nowhere to go but down. Once the flippers cancel their orders, I would not be surprised if you can pick up a new one for 80K and qualify for the tax credit.