Rivian Lease or Purchase Discussion

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to calculate a lease for an R1S, especially in states where taxes are applied to the sale price? I’m looking to understand the potential monthly payment for a $0 down lease, considering all incentives and promotions.

Thank you for the assistance!

Is it me or is that lease crazy expensive, especially with a zero money factor. $7500 split by 24 months is over $300 more per month so you’re paying for it regardless of how you slice it. I personally can’t think of a reason to front load that much cash into a lease.

At the end of the day we have to remember that the basics still apply. Unless you get some super duper tax or ev credit, or the vehicle is discounted by 20%, math is still math. You should expect to pay $1000 a month or more on an $85k vehicle. Just make sure you know the true cash value of the transaction and that you’ll not get that down payment back. Maybe lease 3 years so you can discount or buy down the payment for those extra 12 months? Stretch your money further.