Rivian Lease or Purchase Discussion

That’s what I see as well. Is this a good deal? 24 R1S Quad, Large Pack, upgraded interior, MSRP $94,000, $0 down:

$744/mo for 36 months and 10k miles/year
$725/mo for 24 months and 10k miles/year

I cant even get to those numbers in CA. What state are you in?

Here is what im getting on a 92k MSRP Quad, Largepack
36/10- $873+tax - 1,000 down

Trade in? Pre order discount? At 0 down those are great numbers.

No trade in but yes to 3% preorder discount. I’m in NJ so there’s also no sales tax. I have absolutely no need for another car but I’m also a sucker for a good deal.

Does the friends and family thing still exist? Not looking to get a code or link or whatever from you, but I know a bunch of people there and wanted to know if I should bother asking them.

Yea offer is for delivery by June 1st. Cutting it close. The offer is only for 2023 R1Ts, not R1S.


I found something similar for a 2023 RT1 Quad/large pack with $85K MSPR. 24m/10k miles= $1,000 down/payment $809+ ca tax, effective $949. Too high…

How much would employee discount help this lease?

Is that R1T? The employee discount is for 2023 R1T. 36 mo program is also better.

Looking to get into a 23 R1T but looks like nothing left in quad motor. Also need a friend and family code if possible. Some gift cards for the trouble :pray: Hopefully they release some before end of month

Yes the employee code is key. I have a 23 r1t quad near me but coming over 800 month for 24 a little better for 36. Still a little more than I want. I’m curious how much the code brings it down?

I have heard its pretty substantial. I’ve been trying the last 2 weeks to track one down because it would make a dual+max I’m looking at an instant lease, but have had no luck.

How did you get the 23promo -$4.5k, @theonewhowaits or @Kellstar help?

The MY2023 discount seems to vary wildly depending on the trim and options. My 23 R1T Quad Large with 0 options got $2700 discount.

I’m pretty sure the MY2023 discount was an April promotion.

Negative. Friend ordered last week and got $3525 off on a fully loaded Dual Max.


Anyone seeing Quad R1Ts in stock? Looks like they’re cleared out in California

@kellstar, thank you. I have ordered in April but did not get this 2023 promotion for a similar config, also can we add the employee discount after putting down the 1k deposit?

Yes RT1, but need 24 months as a bridge next vehicle availability.

If any one has employee discount, please DM. I will return the favor via Venmo :slight_smile:

Yes you can only have it applied after ordering. You have to take delivery before June 1st. They might renew but time is running out.

@Kellstar DM’d you