Risks of ordering a car?

The 18-wheeler hauling brand new BMWs crashed and caught fire. Fortunately driver escaped unharmed!!!

Curious what happens if your ordered car never makes it or arrives damaged???

Presumably you and the dealer that placed the order, put in another one.


Depends on the damage.

The car would arrive and either be repaired assuming it wasn’t a total loss right then and there and offered to you with a damage disclosure and an appropriate discount vs the option to re-order a new build.


When the SE train derailment happened a few months ago, I recall reading from folks on the forums of Jeep prioritizing the Galdiator reorders to get them into folks’ hands as soon as they feasibly could. Assume BMW would likely try to do the same here for folks, esp. if these were all Spartanburg builds (looks like some SUVs, at least).

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Sh!T happens … not seeing how it’s any different than any other circumstance of needing to replace a vehicle.

Yeah, but it would stink if the replacement has to be custom ordered potentially doubling original lead time of 6 months. In the old days dealers could locate another car regionally… not so anymore

YMMV on getting a damage disclosure discount and or re-order with priority push but if the dealer gets a whiff of you being a bad survey risk they may just wash their hands of the deal, refund your deposit and send you on your way.

Something completely off topic here, but why do manufacturers only care about surveys after purchase was made instead of applying secret shopper strategy to get more complete feedback?

Follow the money.

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The Dealer shall avoid in every way any ‘bait,’ deceptive, misleading, confusing or illegal advertising or business practices.If it is determined that your dealership is engaging in such practices, Ford Motor Company reserves the right to redirect that dealerships allocation of the F-150 Lighting

Most dealers out there are guilty of this.

I don’t make the rules, I just abide or at least pretend to. :grin:


It’s always wise to play it dumb
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Hello. I do not know for what reason, but when buying a car, the owner of the car being sold did not give me the wine code of the car he sells. I have a question, is it possible to find out detailed information about the car from the license plate? I really liked the car, but the behavior of the seller makes me doubt it.

Assuming you’re after the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code, go to Carvana.com, hit the Sell/Trade link in the top right, and enter the license plate number and state of the vehicle in question. It should pull up the VIN on the subsequent screen, from which you can usually pull more information online or from a decoder tool.

That said, I’ve typically found my gut sense to be correct in cases like this. If something doesn’t seem right, typically better to move on than have a nagging feeling eating at you later. Good luck!

If someone refuses to provide something as basic as a VIN, walk away.

Yes, I was in a similar situation when I needed to find the owner using the car's license plate. I could not do this for a long time I want to say that I did not expect to receive so many different information. I recommend giving it a try.