Rip apart our Florida S60 T5 MOM proposal, please

This is for my GF. The dealer is paranoid about us shopping his deal around so we had to reverse engineer some of our calc inputs to arrive at an equivalent end result. He dug in his heels when we pushed for specifics. He just kept quoting $1500 DAS and $369/mo and was cagey with every detail.

  • MSRP: 39845
  • Sell price: 34524 (13.4%)
  • 36/10k
  • MF .00080 (so the dealer claims)
  • 1500 DAS
  • $369/mo (incl 7% state and local tax)
  • Volvo Loyalty
  • USAA
  • $500 trade-in (a busted S60 with 180k miles)

LH Score 8.9

Dealer insists the RV is 57%; Edmunds says 54%. We initially pushed him to confirm the RV and he kept steering us toward a lease-end buyout figure which might explain the gap. 2020 has a 57% residual. 2019 is 54%.

Anyway, we chose 57% for our leasehackr calcs and we’re within $1-2 of his monthly. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket when we adjust the dealer doc fee to something closer to reality and we struggle to get the calc’s monthly back down to $369. We probably shouldn’t be bothering with the calc until he coughs up more numbers.

Question regarding Volvo loyalty and USAA: Dealer says they can’t be stacked and he implied the USAA bonus cash would require us to do the full USAA car buying process including their pre-negotiated TrueCar pricing (~5% off MSRP). My bullshit detector is disturbing the peace right now with its incessant beeping. If I’m not mistaken: they do stack, they’re $500 each, and TrueCar has nothing to do with it.


Edit: It’s a 2020. We thought we were haggling over a 2019. No wonder the numbers don’t line up. Anyway, how does the deal look?

Loyalty and USAA are stackable, as far as I know. Bad deal on pretty base S60 with loyalty/usaa/$500 equity.
Volvo allowance is $3,000, so you are getting less than 6% off (around invoice). There is another $1,500-1,700 to get before loyalty/usaa

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Congrats on driving the first Volvo S60 to 180k miles and then coming back to get another one!! Now that’s loyalty!

The discount on this is too small. At this payment, you can almost get a V60, basket weave upholstery optional.

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We’ll do delightfully unsavory things to the person who can get us a weave V60 at this price.

Y’all are nuts!

Wagon drivers are always a bit unique in their own way. The weave interior speaks to those buyers.

Havent you seen the classic tartan Porsche interiors? They’re so cool!


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Mazda should make a weave or a tartan available in the 6. They seem like precisely the kind of slightly offbeat company that could get away with this.