Ring ring...$#!@ you!

I just have to say, every dealership I’ve contacted in the last 2 months has decided to call and email me in the last few days to tell me that they have awesome end of the month deals that they just need to talk to me about, but then when I actually look into it the deals are even worse than the initial offer they gave me months ago before I moved on. But no, these are the biggest deals ever that you’ll never see again if you don’t come in today! Really! Trust me!

How does anyone find a good deal without losing their fucking mind? I’m ready to walk in and start choking salespeople for being such slimey lying sleasebags.

Ok, just had to vent. I think I’m about to quit on all of this and just buy a 10 year old used car with 200,000 miles on it off Craigslist.

Good, now we can close this.