Review Thread: Benedetto the Broker; Midwest Based & Operate in Most Markets

This deal was nearly two years ago: both cars are still in the market, nothing else from October 2019 will be comparable.

Also, this is the Broker’s review thread…

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Creating an account just so that I can leave Ben an review :slight_smile: Ben is AMAZING!!! Even though he is really busy, but he is very responsive and patient. The whole process of my initial convo with Ben, to securing a Volvo XC60 to getting it shipped to me took less than 2 weeks!! There was a minor mishap during shipping (minor scratch). Ben helped me take care of it by having it fixed at the nearest local Volvo verified collision center. I will definitely be recommending Ben to all my friends. Thanks again for all your help Ben!!!


@Benedetto was very easy to work with, even if I did get a little frustrated due to no fault of his. Ben did a great job of walking me through his Volvo XC40 Recharge inventory and walking me through specific features in each. Once we identified one that would work, he moved very quickly to get the payments and paperwork done and out of the way.

For anyone following the launch of Volvo’s XC40 Recharge launch, you know it hasn’t been the smoothest, particularly with the infotainment systems and OTA updates. Well when Ben had delivery scheduled he found out that there was an issue with the OTA update and it needed to be fixed. He very promptly informed me of the issue and walked me through my options including a refund if I wanted to walk away.

However, Ben and his dealer were both extremely upfront about the issue and the unknown time it would take to resolve. I chose to be patient and glad I did, within 4 days the car was fixed and delivered on a Sunday. Ben scheduled the second deliver within a day of it being fixed and had it to me 2 days later.

I can’t say enough about how easy this process was. Also, the monthly price I was able to get through Ben was more than $275/mo less than any dealer could do in my area. I even gave a local dealer my terms and they said no chance they could get as low as the payment offered through Ben’s dealer.

I would highly recommend working with Ben. Now that I’ve used Ben, I will never lease directly from a dealer again. If you have any doubts about working with Ben, put those doubts aside, give him a call and just talk to him. He will break the whole process down and answer any questions you have. Thanks Ben!


After being jerked around by dealers in this environment I decided to reach out to Ben. I purchased the car in minutes. The process was so smooth and seamless. I told my wife a new XC60 was on its way and she couldn’t believe it was real. I will never lease a car another way and Ben will always be my first call.


I needed assistance shipping a vehicle. Ben went out of his way to accommodate my timeline and it was very much appreciated. Thank you and appreciate it.


I reached out to Ben nearly two years ago and he secured a hell of a deal on a car but an unexpected loss in my family turned everything upside down and I backed out. He couldn’t have been kinder and more considerate, traits I didn’t exactly expect when buying a car. I followed up with Ben a year later and he hit the ground running on my behalf. He was patient, informative and kept his word. He ultimately found the right deal for me and, thanks to Ben, a beautiful XC90 is sitting in my garage. If you’re looking for someone with integrity that you can trust, give Ben a call. I’ll be doing so again this Summer, for my wife’s car.


As a repeat customer, it’s disappointing to say I had a completely different experience with Benedetto. He was disrespectful to my time and ghosted me even after a scheduled appointment. I did not use him for my current deal, nor will I will use him going forward.

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Hey Devin,

It’s disappointing that your first review was a glowing review and this one unfortunately is not . I understand it can be frustrating when you’re not getting a response to the questions you’re asking. If you’ve noticed, I have not posted a Volvo sheet this month as I have a few things going on in my personal life right now, that take priority over me working deals.

However, I do understand that I could have communicated that to you. Frankly, I didn’t know you were going to buy something in the next few days.

I do understand as a business that it’s on me to communicate that I am not available and for that I apologize.

Regardless, I appreciate the constructive feedback and congratulations on your new car.


This is my delayed review from the before times, early 2019. I reached out to Benedetto since he was one of the few brokers back then that did nationwide and had experience in my region. He was responsive and patient with me as I had a few vehicles in mind and was looking for the best deal. The pickup was painless at a local dealership and I can’t imagine walking into one again any other way.

I landed with a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited that has served me very well of the years.

My 3 year lease is ending soon and I’ll be seeing if Benedetto can help again with my next vehicle!

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Adding my review for @Benedetto the Freight Broker. When the 2019 XC60 he helped me lease reached maturity, I decided to buy it and ship it from CA to my parents in SC. In the past I’ve used a broker who would just post on the shipping boards and crossed my fingers. The summer of 2022 was not the best time to be shipping a car (diesel prices and driver shortages), so I was more concerned about who was actually transporting the car.

Ben was not the fastest (“ready to ship” → shipped) and probably not the cheapest (we did bump the rate to attract better quality at one point). He screened every potential driver for proper insurance and violations, and screened out a lot of likely riffraff, and gave great advice at every step.

I was very pleased with the carrier we used, the cost, and the condition it arrived in. More importantly, it was great to put my trust in Ben again and be thrilled with the outcome. Thanks again!